1983 Administrative Orders


Admin. Order No. Date Signed
83-01 Guidelines for the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court for Compensation of Attorneys Appointed to Represent Indigent Persons in Appeals from Juvenile Court to Appellate Courts 01/06/83
83-02 Appointment to the State Foster Care Review Board - Dr. Rachel Burkholder 01/28/83
83-03 Suspension of Time Requirements of Rule 28(c)(VII)(B), Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona 01/31/83
83-04 Suspension of Canon 3(A)(7), Rules of the Supreme Court 02/28/83
83-05 Appointment of a Special Committee to Prepare Rules of Procedure in Traffic Cases 05/31/83
83-06 Suspension of Rule 7(c), Rules of Procedure for Special Actions 07/21/83
83-07 Appointments to the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee - Hon. William Nabours, Hon. James Carruth 07/21/83
83-08 Special Action Jurisdiction 07/25/83
83-09 Making Certain Confidential State Bar Records Available to the Commissions on Appellate and Trial Court Appointments 09/20/83
83-10 Education and Training in the Judicial Department (Replaced by 87-4) (Amended by 91-9) 11/15/83
83-11 Standards for Municipal Courts (Revised by Order   1-17-90) 11/16/83
83-12 Change of State Bar Membership Fees and Client's Security Fund Assessment 11/30/83
83-13 Council on Judicial Education and Training
(Replaced by 87-8)
83-14 Transfer of Petition for Review Records to Court of Appeals 12/20/83