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Victim Restitution

Arizona’s courts continue to look for ways to improve victims’ rights and their ability to receive court-ordered restitution. Judges, court staff, probation officers and others work together to improve the administration of justice that contributes to supporting and restoring victims.

In 2020, the Administrative Office of the Courts added PayNearMe as a payment option, allowing cash payments to be made toward Arizona court cases through retail locations around the nation. I encourage you to review the information, resources, forms, and tools available through our restitution website for more information about restitution and how Arizona courts will continue to provide justice for the future.

— Robert Brutinel, Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court
Chief Justice



Restitution is reimbursement for economic loss, which is defined as “any loss incurred by a person as a result of the commission of an offense.” The Court may order the defendant to pay the victim restitution to cover actual losses as a result of a crime.

Possible restitution claims may be for lost, damaged, or stolen property; lost wages; travel expenses for court; medical or mental health treatment; or other financial loss directly related to the crime.