Family Law


Comment ARFLP Rule 24
ARFLP Rule 49
ARFLP Rule 91
Form 1


While the effective date is January 1, 2013, the Court adopted these rule amendments on an expedited basis.



Summary:  These rule amendments address terminology changes contained in SB 1127, Chap. 309, Laws 2012. Please see the “Prefatory Comment to 2013 Amendments” for an explanation of these changes.

Impact:  Some of the terminology changes are:

Legal custody = legal decision-making [prefatory comment]
Physical custody/parental visitation = parenting time [pref. comm.]
Grandparent visitation = third party rights [Rules 24 + 49]
Parenting time by a non-parent = visitation by a non-parent [Form 1]

Courts that print or electronically provide their own forms will need to revise Form 1 (limited scope representation) to conform it to the amendments.