Arizona Judicial Branch


Arizona Court Executive (ACE)  



Senior level managers, court or probation executives or participants completing ACM are eligible to apply for admission to the Arizona Court Executive (ACE) program. Participants must currently be a judicial branch employee. 



To apply for admittance to the Arizona Court Executive (ACE) program, complete an ACE program application form and submit it to the appropriate application below.)


  • Court/Department ApplicationAdmission requires approval of one’s court or department head—typically the presiding judge, chief probation officer, juvenile court center director, clerk of the court or superior court administrator.
  • Completed applications may be submitted online or by mail.  To submit online, you may scan the completed form and email it to OR you may click on the “Submit Application” button once all electronic signatures have been collected. 

ACE Application


To register for the Arizona Court Executive series, you must fill out and submit the
 Registration Application




  • AOC Application Admission requires approval from the AOC employee’s division director and the AOC Executive office Director or Deputy Director.


ACE Application

(AOC Staff)

To register for the Arizona Court Executive series, you must fill out and submit the
AOC Staff Application




Class Enrollment:

Once admitted, participants can register online for Executive level classes.  Registration opens two months prior to the class start date and is on a first come, first served basis; enrollment is limited.  Events are posted periodically as available, therefore participants are encouraged to visit the calendar frequently to be advised of new training opportunities, or contact for assistance. 



The curriculum consists of six National Center for State Courts, (NCSC) Institute for Court Management (ICM) courses and in-class Arizona specific AZ PLUS courses.


·         ICM Essential Components (2.5 days)

·         ICM Leadership (2.5 days)

·         ICM Visioning & Strategic Planning (2.5 days)

·         ICM Education, Training & Development (2.5 days)

·         ICM Court Community Communication ( 2.5 days)

·         ICM High Performance Court Framework - Concluding Seminar (2.5 days)

·         AZ PLUS—Executive

·         Interdependence and Interdependencies

·         Facilities, Security and Emergency Management

·         Security and COOP



Program Requisite:


ACE Participants must:

  • Complete a minimum of one class each 12 months following admittance into the ACE program, to remain active in the program.   Inactive participants will be removed from the ACE program 12 months following written notification of inactivity.  If this occurs, the individual must reapply to continue coursework. 
  • Complete the entire ACE program within seven years of their enrollment date. Once the 7-year term has expired, ACE classes older than 7 years will expire requiring the individual to retake the class for ACE credit, and repay the $50.00 ICM fee, if ICM credit is desired.


Program Cost:

There is no cost to attend classes.  All classes are held at the Judicial Education Center in Phoenix and travel costs are the responsibility of the participant or their court.


  • Certified Court Executive Certification: Participants who want the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) ICM Certified Court Executive (CCE) certificate pay a $50 per class fee to the NCSC. Fees can be paid by check, credit card or purchase requisition. Click here for the ICM Payment Authorization form.