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Last Post 03 Mar 2020 02:41 PM by Jennifer Albright
ACJA 7-209 Alternative Business Structures
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03 Mar 2020 02:41 PM
    This proposal was amended on 3-5-2019 to correct various typographical errors in the draft code section.

    This proposal creates a new ACJA section that sets forth regulatory requirements for the administration of the licensure of Alternative Business Structures (ABS). The proposal includes requirements for licensing (initial and renewal), roles and responsibilities of an ABS and its compliance lawyers, and discipline sanctions for misconduct by an ABS or its members. This section also includes codes of conduct for an ABS and its non-lawyer members.

    This proposal should be read in conjunction with Rule Petition R-20-0034: https://www.azcourts.gov/Rules-Forum/aff/123 located on the Supreme Court Rules Forum web page.

    Comment Deadline: Initial Comment deadline is March 30, 2020, with an amended proposal, if any, to be filed by the AOC by April 27, and a final comment period concluding on May 26, 2020.

    For more information, contact Jennifer Albright, 602-452-3453, jalbright@courts.az.gov

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