Justice for All

Report and Recommendations of the Task Force on Fair Justice for All: Court-Ordered Fines, Penalties, Fees, and Pretrial Release Policies
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Fiscal Year 2014 Misdemeanor, Criminal Traffic, and Civil Traffic by Defendant 

Recent News Regarding Money Bail 
10/29/16| And Justice for some
10/23/16| Cash Bail, a Centerpiece of the Justice System, Is Facing its Undoing
10/17/16| Frosh to ask judiciary to change money bail system
10/16/16| Jailing the Poor and Releasing the Rich
09/07/16| Kingman Daily Miner: Law experts want Arizona's bail system to change
09/05/16| AZ Central: Panel recommends Arizona courts toss 'cash bail' system
08/29/16| Capitol Times: Bail bond industry to fight change to 'no money' system


Video: The Bail Trap: Breaking Down Bail (embeded below)

Video: Watch John Oliver Explain America's Bail System


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