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NEW! The Court acted on many pending rule petitions at its recent Rules Agenda.  

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This website allows you to electronically file and monitor court rule petitions and comments and to view existing rules of court, recent amendments of those rules, and pending rule petitions and comments. Any visitor to this site may view posts on this website, but to post a petition or comment you must register and log in. To view instructions on how to register and how to file a petition or comment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. 
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1 Replies and 5949 Views R-05-0035 Rules 15.8, 17.4, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure   Started by  Anonymous R-05-0035 PETITION TO AMEND RULES 15.8 AND 17.4, ARIZONA RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE DELETE LANGUAGE PROVIDING PRESUMPTIVE SANCTIONS WITH DISCLOSURE; ADD LANGUAGE THAT PLEA OFFERS SHALL NOT BE CONDITIONED ON DISCLOSURE Petitioner: Robert Hooker, Pima County Public Defender 32 N. Stone Ave., 4th Floor (520) 740-5300 FAX (520) 243-4803 Arizona Bar No. 003335 ...
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by  ecrowleyJump to last post
31 May 2006 07:59 PM
0 Replies and 6828 Views R-06-0001 ARCP Rule 7.1 (f), (4)   Started by  Anonymous R-06-0001 AMENDED PETITION TO AMEND RULE 7.1(f),(4), ARIZONA RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, TO AMEND RULES REGARDING BAIL BONDSMAN TO BE CONSISTENT WITH A.R.S. SECTION 13-904(E), A.R.S. SECTION 13-907(A), A.R.S. SECTION 20-340.03 (9) AND 2006 SENATE BILL 1188. Petitioner Rene Anthony Guerrero, Pro Se Azteca Bail Bon...
0 6828
20 Apr 2006 12:09 PM
0 Replies and 6461 Views R-05-0030 Petition to Amend Various Rules of Procedure Relating to Minute Entries   Started by  Anonymous R-05-0030 PETITION TO AMEND RULES 4(d)AND 58(b), ARIZONA RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE; RULES 7.6, 10.1, 16.3, 26.7, 32.5, 32.9, 35.5, 35.6, AND 35.7, ARIZONA RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE; RULE 7, RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR SPECIAL ACTIONS; AND RULE 12(c), SUPERIOR COURT RULES OF APPELLATE PROCEDURE - CIVIL ELIMINATING UNNECESSARY MINUTE ENTRIES AND DISTRIBUTION OF MINUTE ENTRIES Petitioner: Hon. Fred Newton, Presiding Jud...
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19 Apr 2006 09:23 AM
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