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Last Post 25 Apr 2020 06:02 PM by  Hon. Sara J. Agne
R-20-0029 Rules of Evidence - Perjury Laws must be Enforced
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Martin Lynch
New Member
Posts:30 New Member

13 Jan 2020 04:19 PM
    Please amend Rules of Evidence to ensure complaints of Perjury are investigated and prosecuted. The Rules must be mandatory for all Civil and Criminal Courts.

    The justice system cannot function without truth in the courtroom. No evidence can be found that the perjury statutes per ARS 13 Chapter 27 are being enforced. False evidence leads to injustice and excessive litigation. Please do not forget details such as 18 USC 1622 "Subornation of Perjury" or suppressing exculpatory evidence which is fraud or lying by omission.

    There is statute and Constitutional amendments in the legislature to correct this. Of course we also need court rules which technically do not require any other authorities since Due Process is mandatory today. Lying on the Court record is a violation of Due Process and the Court should recognize this as obvious and create such rules by themselves. If not, the People can produce statute and a Constitutional Amendment to force the Courts to protect the Due Process Rights of the People.

    Call any law enforcement agency as an ordinary citizen and try to report such a crime, and see what happens. Nothing. The People insist that our Due Process Rights be protected. We are not picky about which manner this imperative is achieved.

    Martin Lynch
    1120 W Broadway Rd #55
    Tempe AZ 85282

    Would amend the Ariz. R. Evid. to adopt a procedure suspending proceedings until perjury complaints are investigated

    FILED: January 13, 2020

    Comment must be submitted on or before May 1, 2020.

    Replies must be submitted on or before June 1, 2020.

    ORDERED: Petition to Create a Rule to Enforce the Perjury Statutes - The Justice System Cannot Function Properly Without Truth = DENIED.
    Hon. Sara J. Agne
    New Member
    Posts:5 New Member

    25 Apr 2020 06:02 PM
    Sara J. Agne
    Co-Chair, Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence
    Judge, Arizona Superior Court
    3131 W. Durango Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
    Telephone: 602-506-8288
    Facsimile: 602-372-5817

    Maria Elena Cruz
    Co-Chair, Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence
    Judge, Arizona Court of Appeals
    Division One
    State Courts Building
    1501 West Washington
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
    Telephone: 602-452-6740
    Facsimile: 602-452-3228
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