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Last Post 02 May 2023 12:02 AM by  State Bar of Arizona
R-23-0005 Petition to Amend Rule 56 of the Rules of Civil Procedure
 3 Replies
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Rachel Carreras
New Member
Posts:15 New Member

04 Jan 2023 10:47 AM
    Petition to Amend Rule 56 of the Rules of Civil Procedure

    Honorable Randall Warner
    Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County
    101 West Jefferson, Suite 414
    Phoenix, AZ 85003
    (602) 372-2966

    Filed: January 4, 2023

    Would amend Rule 56(b) of the Rules of Civil Procedure to add a new subpart (4) providing that each side of a case may file only one summary judgment motion without leave of the court.

    Comments must be submitted no later than Monday, May 1, 2023.
    Any reply by a petitioner must be submitted no later than Thursday, June 1, 2023.
    New Member
    Posts:4 New Member

    26 Jan 2023 05:58 PM
    I support Judge Warner's petition. Many judges on the United States District Court include a presumptive limit of one summary judgment motion, and those presumptions don't seem to impede the efficient, fair resolution of cases. The proposed amendment preserves the option of multiple summary judgment motions in appropriate cases, allowing the necessary flexibility.

    James D. Smith (016760)
    2929 N. Central Ave.
    Ste. 2000
    Phoenix AZ 85012
    (602) 640-9000
    Rachel Carreras
    New Member
    Posts:15 New Member

    30 Mar 2023 05:36 PM
    Honorable Jay M. Polk
    Probate and Mental Health Department Presiding Judge
    Superior Court in Maricopa County
    101 W. Jefferson Street
    Phoenix, Arizona, 85003
    (602) 372-0879

    State Bar of Arizona
    Basic Member
    Posts:164 Basic Member

    02 May 2023 12:02 AM
    Comment of the State Bar of Arizona

    Lisa M. Panahi
    Bar No. 023421
    General Counsel
    State Bar of Arizona
    4201 N. 24th St., Suite 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    [email protected]
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