January 2019

No. 1         Administrative Issues                                                                                                                        

o  Rule 42.1 – Scope and Responsibilities

o  Administrative Order 2018-110 – Scope and Responsibilities

o  Appointment of Vice Chair

o  Meeting dates


No. 2         Discussion and possible action concerning Ethics Opinion request cover sheet


No. 3        Discussion and possible action on Ethics Opinion Requests                         

o  May the attorney-client confidentiality be broken if offenses against children is suspected


o  May a Rule 1.15 letter be sent to defendant’s counsel to claim an interest in proceeds in an unrelated personal injury claim when defendant’s insurance is insufficient


o  May a prosecutor refuse to offer plea agreement if defendant requests preliminary hearing


o  Reconsideration of Ethics Opinion 09-01


o  May a lawyer supply information to a holder of the health care provider lien in order to satisfy ER 1.15(f) if the lawyer knows the identify the tortfeasor in a personal injury case


o  Early Resolution Court process