January 2021

No. 1 Review and approve November 19, 2020 Minutes

No. 2 Discussion and possible action regarding EO request EO-20-0009.

No. 3 Discussion and possible action regarding public comments:

o EO-19-0010 (Online Reviews)
Draft Opinion
Revised Dissent

Public Comments ABA Formal Opinion 496

o EO-20-0007 (Candor and client perjury)
Draft Opinion

Public Comments

No. 4 Update and possible action regarding:
o EO-19-0003 (Nonlawyers with mandatory reporting)

Revised Draft Opinion
Supreme Court Order 9-14-20
Supreme Court Order 9-29-20

o EO-19-0004/0005/0007 (ER 1.15(f))

Draft Opinion Supreme Court Orders

o EO-20-0002 (Tape recording)

Draft Opinion Dissent

o EO-20-0003 (Bankruptcy financing)

Revised Draft

o EO-20-0008 (E-mail tracking tools)

No. 5 New Business 

o Collaboration with EAG for 2021 Bar convention
o Rule 42.1 Amendments

No. 6 Call to Public