Filing a Complaint

If you’d like to file a complaint against a legal document preparer, please fill out the complaint form and mail, fax or hand deliver to the address below.


Supreme Court of Arizona

Certification and Licensing Division

Attention: Programs and Investigations Unit

1501 West Washington, Suite #104

Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231

FAX # 602-452-3958
General Inquiries Call: (602) 452-3378
Text Telephone (TTY/TTD) for the hearing impaired: (602) 452-3545



Complaint Review Procedures

The guidelines listed below are general steps after a complaint has been filed with the Certifications and Licensing Division (“Division”). These procedures are regulated by the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct (“ACJA”).


Filing a Complaint – ACJA § 7-201 (H)(2)

• When a complaint is received by the Division the information is verified and a complaint number is assigned.

• The complaint is screened to determine if it falls within the Division’s jurisdiction and warrants investigation. If it does not, the complaint may be dismissed by the division director.


Investigation - ACJA § 7-201 (H)(3)

• An acknowledgement letter is mailed to the complainant, and a notice of complaint is mailed to the certificate holder with a copy of the complaint excluding any confidential information.

• The certificate holder is required by the ACJA to respond, and a copy of the response shall be forwarded to the complainant. Investigative Summary and Probable Cause Review - ACJA § 7-201 (H)(4) and (5).

• Upon completing the investigation, a written summary is prepared and reviewed by the probable cause evaluator.

• The probable cause evaluator can direct the Division to investigate further, determine probable cause does not exist demonstrating the certificate holder committed any acts of misconduct, or determine that probable cause does exist.

• If probable cause is found, the Division shall forward the complaint to the appropriate board with a written recommendation by the division director for the appropriate disposition.


Board - ACJA § 7-201 (H)(5)

• Board meetings are open to the public; however, the public is not allowed to address the board at any time unless formally invited.

• Dates, times, locations, and the agendas for each board meeting can be located through the Division’s website under each individual program.

• The board shall review the complaint and may resolve it through dismissal, issuing an advisory letter, issuing informal or formal discipline, or scheduling a formal interview.


For more information regarding the process after these steps please refer to the ACJA.