Project Management



In this course, participants are introduced to Project Management with an emphasis on court technology projects.  As stated in the NACM Court Operations Management Core Competency, project management is an essential part of the business of courts today.  A clear understanding of governance and project alignment with the court's vision, mission and goals is fundamental to effective project management. 

Additionally, in the course we will discuss current, environmental factors, the need to learn from the past, document lessons learned in the present, and identify stakeholders and affected personnel during the initiation phase. 

By the end of this course participants will be able to: 

  • Explain governance in terms of project selection, support, and authorities.
  • Identify existing environmental factors that may affect the current project positively or negatively.
  • Research lessons learned on prior projects.
  • Set up a system to document lessons learned.
  • Identify stakeholders and affected personnel.