Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions (RPEA)

In Arizona, there are a number of different statutes that govern court procedures. Eviction actions are governed by the Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions (RPEA). The RPEA explains the special rules that apply in eviction cases. You can view the RPEA by visiting the WestLaw website.
The information below may be helpful to landlords and tenants but is not a substitute for legal advice.

  • Landlord’s duties when filing an eviction
  • Tenant’s duties when responding to the eviction claim
  • Either party may hire an attorney to represent them, or can represent themselves
  • What is required to be included in the complaint and summons
  • How a tenant is served paperwork
  • Filing a counterclaim
  • How to file a motion
  • Disclosure rules
  • Specific rules about the eviction hearing
  • Writ of restitution

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