Civil Law Forms - Over $10,000

A Civil action filed in a general jurisdiction court is a claim against another party for damages of an amount over $10,000.00. Parties in a Civil lawsuit may be represented by attorneys and appeal their case to a higher court.

Civil lawsuits must be filed in the jurisdiction in which the damage occurred or in which the defendant lives or does business.

The forms available on this site are generic and may be accepted by courts statewide. Please note that each court might have their own preferred forms. You can visit for more information about court-specific forms. 

Form Title
Form No.
Civil Cover Sheet  CV10F   
Civil Cover Sheet (effective 09/29/21)  CV10F   
Civil Complaint
Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration
Plaintiff's Demand for Jury Trial
Defendant's Certificate Regarding Compulsory Arbitration (in works)
Defendant's Demand for Jury Trial
Joint Report 
Proposed Scheduling Order  CVT53F 

The information offered on this site is made available as a public service and is not intended to take the place of legal advice. If you do not understand something, have trouble filling out any of the forms or are not sure these forms and instructions apply to your situation, see an attorney for help. Before filing documents with the court, you might consider contacting an attorney to help guard against undesired and unexpected consequences.

Not all forms may be accepted in all Arizona courts – you should contact the superior court clerk of the court in which you will be filing to confirm the use of a particular form, determine whether any additional forms are required and verify the filing fees. The Supreme Court assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for actions taken by users of these documents, including reliance on their contents.