Eviction Exceptions

Eviction laws can be very complex and there are exceptions. You should consult an attorney if you are unsure which rules apply to your situation. The chart below outlines different scenarios and the applicable rules.

Residential Mobile Home RV General
You are renting a house or an apartment.  X      
You are renting someone else's condo or townhome. X      
You are renting a mobile home and do not own it.  X      
You are renting an RV and do not own it.     X      
You own a mobile home and rent a space in a mobile home park that has 4 or more mobile home spaces for rent.   X  
You own an RV and it is located in an RV park for over 180 consecutive days. There are more than two spaces in the RV park.     X  
You own an RV without a long-term lease.        X
You own an RV and the RV is located in a yard.        X
You own a mobile home and rent a space in a mobile home park that has less than 4 mobile home spaces for rent.        X
You reside at a medical, educational, counseling or religious institution.       X
You are a member of a fraternal or social organization and reside in part of the structure operated for the benefit of the organization.        X
You are residing in a hotel, motel or recreational lodging.        X
You are an employee of the landlord and your occupancy is conditional on the employment.        X
You reside in public housing.        X
You are an unauthorized occupant.        X
You are residing in a commercial property.        X
You live in a property sold through a trustee's sale (must be filed in Superior Court).          X

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