The Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) is a codification of all significant, statewide, ongoing operational policies and standards involving the structure and operation of the judicial department. Policies and standards previously adopted by administrative order have been redrafted as code sections. All new and amended code section proposals are reviewed by staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), submitted to the administrative director, presented to appropriate standing court committees and the Arizona Judicial Council and adopted as code sections by administrative order of the Chief Justice. 

Code of Judicial Administration (

Codes that specifically apply to Adult Probation Services:


Part 6 Probation

Chapter 1. General Administration
Section 6-101
 Administration of State Funded Probation Programs
Section 6-102
 Financial Requirements
Section 6-103
 Victims' Rights Requirements for Probation Personnel
Section 6-104
 Probation Officer Certification and Training
Section 6-105
 Powers and Duties of Officers Evidence-Based Practices
Section 6-106
 Personnel Practices
Section 6-107
 Safety Training
Section 6-108 [Reserved]
Section 6-109
 Community Restitution and Volunteer Insurance
Section 6-110
 Offender Alcohol and Drug Testing
Section 6-111
 Vehicle Fleet Management
Section 6-112
 Use of Force
Section 6-113
 Firearms Standards
Section 6-114
 Committee on Probation
Section 6-115
 Probation Records Retention Schedule

Chapter 2. Adult Services
Section 6-201
 Standard Probation
Section 6-201.01
 Standard Probation Evidence Based Practice
Section 6-202
 Adult Intensive Probation
Section 6-202.01
 Adult Intensive Probation Evidence-Based Practices
Section 6-203
 Community Punishment Program
Section 6-204
 Interstate Compact Probation
Section 6-204.01
 Interstate Compact Probation Evidence-Based Practices
Section 6-205 
 Drug Treatment and Education Fund
Section 6-206
 Adult Probation Services Fund, Probation Fees Account
Section 6-207
 Uniform Conditions of Supervised Probation​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Section 6-208
 Use of Conducted Electrical Weapons
Section 6-209
 Adult Probation Services to Limited Jurisdiction Courts
Section 6-210 [Reserved]
Section 6-211
 Intercounty Courtesy Transfers
Section 6-212 [Reserved]