Staff Safety Advisory Committee (SSAC)

The Staff Safety Advisory Committee (SSAC) is an Advisory Committee to the Committee on Probation (COP). SSAC will make recommendations as well as speak to procedures and will accept assignments from the Chair of COP and will report back to COP. The chair of SSAC may appoint subcommittees as necessary to look at various issues. All policy recommendations must be approved by COP.

The Vision of SSAC is all probation department staff are trained, equipped, and officed in a work environment that is safe.

The Mission of SSAC will be to advise and assist COP on policy and procedures regarding equipment, training, implementation of staff safety programs, and other safety issues as directed by the Chair of COP. Each member can also bring up topics they want to address and make recommendations to COP.  

Meeting Schedule
Date/Time/Place Agenda/Minutes
Public Meeting Notice
Monday, September 13, 2021
Meeting held virtually
Member List

For additional information, please contact:
Hollie Foxx
(602) 452-3461
[email protected]