Operational Reviews


The Operations Team is committed to collaborating with the 15 Arizona county adult probation departments and serving with excellence, transparency, and inclusion. 


Principally, the AZ. Const. Art. 6 § 3 and Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA), Section 1-702: Operational Reviews, provides the Adult Probation Services Division (APSD) authority to conduct operational reviews.  The APSD schedules Arizona adult probation departments to have an operational review conducted approximately every three years. The three-year time clock starts from the date the final report is published or, if the department requires a follow-up phase, the date the follow-up report is published. The purpose of the Operations Team web page is to provide the Arizona county adult probation departments with pertinent information to help them prepare for and fully understand the operational review process.


APSD policies and procedures for conducting operational reviews are used by the Lead Operational Review Specialist (LORS) when conducting the operational review. The operational review policies and procedures provide comprehensive instructions regarding the review process to help ensure excellence and consistency among the review team. 


The APSD Operational Review Content Areas and Authority document outlines the content areas and authority for APSD operational review. Most, if not all the operational review areas examined are contained therein. However, this document is only a guide and is not all-inclusive of statutes and ACJA. Due to statute and ACJA revisions, the section noted by an asterisk (*) may not be the exact section. Click the links to view statute/ACJA.


The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is used to develop a customized review plan. Well in advance of the scheduled operational review, the Lead Operational Review Specialist (LORS) will provide the Chief Probation Officer (CPO) or designee an electronic copy of the department’s most recent SAQ completed and submitted to the APSD to update, as necessary. Upon completion, the SAQ form must be signed by the CPO (an electronic signature is acceptable) and submitted electronically to the LORS.


Click the link below to view the most recent Operational Review report.

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For additional information or assistance, please contact:


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