Safe Communities Act

When the Safe Communities Report was first published in FY 2008, it was in response to the passage of Senate Bill 1476, “The Safe Communities Act.” This act changed Arizona’s approach to probation populations by allowing earned time credit grantable to probationers and providing probation departments financial incentives to reduce probationer revocations to the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) and reduce new felonies committed by supervised probationers. Although direct funding of financial incentives to probation departments related to this Act was repealed in 2011, the goals of the Safe Communities Act remain important. Efforts have been made to move to a risk-based system of supervision with an emphasis on medium and high-risk probationers. This change in probation approach will help ensure that resources are directed towards higher risk cases and provision of services, with an eye towards reducing recidivism and enhancing community safety. 




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