Operational Reviews

The Operations Unit is committed to collaborating with the 15 county adult probation departments and serving with excellence, transparency, and inclusion. 

APSD Policies and Procedures for Conducting Operational Reviews are used by the review specialists when conducting reviews. The policies and procedures provide step-by-step instructions on the review process from beginning to end, including the planning process, methodologies and criteria for drafting the final report. 

The Compliance Checklist and Scoping Worksheet is used by the review specialists for designing the review plan. Each section in this form comes directly from Arizona Revised Statutes, Arizona Code of Judicial Administration, Administrative Orders, Funding Agreements, and other authority documents. Additionally, department local policies and procedures may be added to the checklist. A determination is made through the scoping process as to which areas will be reviewed as there may be items that are not applicable to a department or will be excluded from the review as this information may be available elsewhere, i.e., current MAS audit on file.

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire is sent to departments for completion prior to the review and is used to develop a customized review plan. This form will be mailed and/or sent electronically from the APSD at least thirty days prior to the scheduled review and may be completed electronically or manually. Upon completion, the form must be signed by the Chief Probation Officer and submitted to the Lead Review Specialist. 

Jayne Price 

APSD Operational Review Manager

(602) 452-3465

[email protected]