Program Services



The Programs Services unit is dedicated to strengthening Arizona's statewide probation system by working together with county probation departments to advance programs, encourage best practices, and improve policies based on relevant data. Relationships are key for the Programs Unit as it engages in partnerships with stakeholders to minimize the duplication of efforts and to enhance the services and resources for those in the system. By pursuing research proven methods from around the nation and collecting specific statewide data, the unit develops standards, guidelines, and trainings to ensure probation departments are provided the valuable working tools to perform its duties most effectively. Through these joint efforts, along with the focus on reducing recidivism for those involved in the probation system, the Programs Unit will continue to respond to the everchanging needs and growth of Arizona's statewide adult probation system.

Krista Forster 

APSD Program Manager

(602) 452-3558

[email protected]