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2009 Rule Impacts Report

This document summarizes Rules of Procedure that were adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court in 2009. Potential impacts that a rule change might have on judges, court administrators, court clerks, or probation officers have been included in this summary.
A reference to the rule petition number associated with each new or amended rule (e.g., R-09-0000) is provided with each rule summary. Please visit the Supreme Court’s Rules Forum at http://www.azcourts.gov/rules/ for the complete content of recent rule changes. The Rules Forum site is organized by rule petition numbers.
Rules regarding the practice of law or that concern the performance of judicial officers have not been included in this summary. Please refer to the Rules Forum site above for further information concerning new and amended rules on these topics.
Unless otherwise noted, the effective date of these rules is January 1, 2010. Rules that were adopted on an emergency basis have public comment periods that follow the emergency adoption date, as indicated in this summary.
These summaries and impacts have been prepared by the Administrative Office of the Courts. Each summary has an e-mail link to an individual at the A.O.C. that you can contact for further information.

If you have other questions concerning this document, please contact: Mark Meltzer - telephone: (602) 452-3242 or e-mail: [email protected].

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