Petitions Not Granted

Rule Petitions Not Granted
The following rule petitions were rejected at the August 31, 2009 rules agenda:



Rule 31.6, Rules of Criminal Procedure

Would have required disbursement of restitution payments collected by the court pending an appeal unless the defendant could demonstrate to the court sufficient grounds for a stay.

R-09-0005 Rule 4.1(b), Rules of Criminal Procedure

Would have imposed a uniform and equitable time limit of 48 hours from the initial appearance within which the State must have filed a complaint.

R-09-0006 Rule 1.4, Rules of Criminal Procedure

Would have amended the definition of presiding judge to include a justice of the peace.

R-09-0012 Rule 92(a)(1), Rules of the Supreme Court

Would have required the presiding judge in each county to create a random case assignment system within each judicial division for all cases in which a judge had not previously been involved.

R-08-0029 Rule 41, Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court

Would have required the presence of children who were the subject of a dependency proceeding at all hearings except for good cause shown, and would have required a court determination that the child's counsel had meaningful contact with the child before any substantive hearing.