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2014 - 2019 Strategic Agenda

Join us for a brief introduction to Chief Justice Bales' strategic agenda for 2014-2019.

This session will count toward 0.5 hours of COJET credit. 


2014 Civil Procedure Rule Changes

This program is COJET sponsored for Superior Court Judges and Court Administrators.

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Staff Program

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Amended Rules for Civil Procedure
 Amended R-13-0017
Forum Quorum New Superior Court Rules - Civil

Each video session counts toward 1 hour of COJET


The Chain: Don't be the Weakest Link!

Judicial Computer and Network Security Considerations
(Runtime 0:58:36)

Learn from an accomplished panel of experts discussing the role all court employees perform in safeguarding the integrity of our data and information infrastructure. When it comes to protecting our network from outsiders with malicious intentions...YOU are the most vital line of defense.

This is a non-facilitated, online training sponsored by the Judicial Staff Education Committee.
1 hour COJET credit.                                                                          

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 Released January 2014


Everyone A Leader

Courts and Their Leadership Roles
(Runtime 1:00:33)

Spend an hour with Judge Louis Frank Dominguez, Presiding Judge of Surprise City Court, as he leads an engaging and lively discussion focusing on the important roles that courts play in our society. Joining him will be judicial leaders from around the state, including Judge Maurice Portley, Judge Karen Adam, Honorable Sue Hall, and Mr. Kendall Rhyne. The panel will discuss important issues such as public expecta-tions and perceptions of the court as well as the different kinds of leadership roles courts play in our communities. The panel will also explore opportunities for leader-ship for all positions in the courts.

1 hour Core COJET:  Arizona Court System Click here to watch the video

Transformative Leadership: Making A Difference
(Runtime 01:04:21)

 Everyone IS a leader in the workplace. Our individual attitudes and actions influence those around us to be more positive or more negative. Dr. Braaten will explore the positive side of these two choices as we summarize the theme of the day. Reflective questions such as

What does it really mean to me that I am a "leader?" What does the word "transformative" have to do with me in my job? and Can I really make a difference? will be explored though the course of the presentation

1 hour COJET: Ethics

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Released September 2013

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology, Law and Ethics
(Runtime 1:56:40)

Technology is growing at an exponential rate. The advances made over the past century have been eclipsed by the accellerated growth in just the past few years. Genetics, nanotechnology, surveillance, and virtual realms are the future of our world, and the courts have a unique challenge before them as they attempt to define the new legalities these technologies have created.

Join Dr. Gary Marchant as he discusses these new frontiers, examining what they are, what they mean for humanity, and most importantly what they mean for the future of the judiciary.

2 hours of COJET

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Released September 2013

Arizona  Historical Cases

This is a three part series covering the following cases:




Click on the video title below to view the closing session from the 2012 Judicial Conference

(Run time 02:55)





Click on the Trial titles below to view the videos for each session.

Welcome Message and introduction to the Capital Case Litigation program from Justice Michael Ryan (Ret.) and Judge Ron Reinstein (Ret.) (Run time 12 minutes)

Pre-trial Issues  Judge Sally Duncan, Tim Agan, and Kellie Johnson (Run Time 1:05)
Handout Materials           

Trial Issues  Judge Sally Duncan, Tim Agan, and Kellie Johnson (Run Time 1:13)
Handout Materials            

Direct Appeal Judge Paul McMurdie, Kent Cattani, and Tennie Martin (Run Time 00:50)
Handout Materials            

Post Conviction Relief Judge Paul McMurdie, Kent Cattani, and Natman Schaye (Run Time 1:06)
Handout Materials                

LIVE webcast
 presented December 16, 2011
This live presentation is a summative discussion of the 4 taped presentations: Pre-Trial Issues, Trial Issues, Direct Appeal and Post Conviction Relief. (Run Time 1:02)

Special Presentation by Professor Joseph Hoffmann The United States Supreme Court and the 8th Amendment 
Part 1 (Run Time 00:46:12) 
Part 2 (Run Time 00:4.:00)
Part 3 (Run Time 00:48:27)

Handout Materials

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The Legends of the Judiciary video series, when combined with individual reflection or group discussion on appropriate personnel behavior in the workplace, codes of conduct, fair treatment in  the courts, or avoiding the occurrence or perception of impropriety in carrying out responsibilities, meets the COJET standards for ethics accreditation.
Released December 2010



These videos are part of the New Employee Orientation Series: A Willingness to Serve

The program emphasizes three objectives for new court employees:
  • Gain an understanding of the structure of the Arizona court system, the court processes, and roles of people involved in a case.

  • Deport a minimum standard of customer service skills.

  • Attain familiarization of the judicial employee code of conduct and statewide court improvement programs.

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