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The video training programs on this page are accredited for COJET by the Education Services Division of the Arizona Supreme Court AOC. Judicial branch employees should seek the prior approval of their supervisor and local court training coordinator before viewing a video program to ensure non-facilitated learning is an approved part of their professional development plan.

To obtain COJET credit for viewing a video program:
Complete the COJET Individual Accredited Evaluation form and submit to the local court training coordinator.

The AOC Education Services Division also maintains an expanded, searchable catalogue of video programs beyond those featured below. 


Most Recent Recordings


Overview of Arizona’s Legislative Process from the Court's Perspective

Learn about the legislature, the process of how a bill becomes a law, how to look up bills online & our internal process for vetting potential legislation through committees.


Who We Serve - Understanding the Who, What,  and Why of Arizona Courts Training

For AOC staff, It can be difficult to get a full view of the gloriously complex and wide-ranging justice system machine. This session provides a high-level overview of the Arizona Judicial Branch and give you a sense of the larger Arizona system of justice to which you make important contributions in your role at the AOC


The State of Your State

Join Stewart Bruner as he explores an odd mismatch between self-perceived knowledge about cybersecurity and confidence in navigating the cyber threat landscape. Compare your knowledge to that of survey takers nationwide


Stress: A Way of Life or a Fact of Life


The Difference - Adding a Dose of Professionalism to Your Work

“I do my work. Isn’t that enough?” This session will help participants explore the concept of professionalism within the context of working in court. What is professionalism?  Why does it matter generally or in court jobs specifically?   These and other questions will be explored during this engaging learning experience. Participants should expect to leave this session ready to make the difference.                            Evaluation   

The Anarchists and the Artist 


At the dawn of the 20th century, the anarchist movement spread violence in cities across the United States. The fear of this violence ignited a backlash of prejudice against immigrants. It seeped into our legal system and lead to injustice. Nicolas Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti                     Evaluation

Bringing the Human Element Back to Courts 


In this day of automation and busy court dockets, there can be a feeling of rubber stamp justice, and a day-by-day drudgery. This course will look beyond the norm, provide true stories, and bring awareness of the importance of bringing the human element and a sense of fairness back to courts.  Evaluation

Get Curious, Not Furious



Gain an understanding of anger triggers, what stress does to physical and emotional health, and the value of keeping a curious mind when dealing with stressful situations. Learn techniques to control your reactions regardless of the situation. Specific topics addressed including making stress your friend, staying positive, creating healthy habits, and the value of humor.   Evaluation

Communicating in Difficult Situations

We all communicate, doing it well can be a challenge, especially when we encounter a difficult situation. By the end of this class you will be able to identify causes of communication breakdowns; identify and use strategies to cope with and/or repair communication breakdowns; and apply these strategies to your personal situations.


Get Started with Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create, view, present, or share presentations quickly and easily. Get started by learning to navigate PowerPoint, design presentations, and use helpful presentation tools



 Mock Trial: First Galactic Empire vs Luke Skywalker?


 Yeah, But... Justifying Our Behavior  vs. Taking Responsibility

Have you ever found it difficult to own up to a mistake you made? Have you caught yourself justifying why you had to do what you did? This class explores why it can be difficult to take responsibility for mistakes and why it can be easy to justify our actions or pass the blame. It also looks at ways to become more comfortable with accepting responsibility and the importance of doing so.


 He, She, They, and You: Judicial Branch Customer Service in a Complex World

“What are my preferred pronouns!?” “How can you wear a hat supporting that candidate!?” “Why can’t you make better choices!?” In a world as complex and seemingly-divided as ours can seem now, it’s easy to understand how Arizona’s judicial branch professionals may at times feel bewildered or conflicted as they carry out their work responsibilities.


Emotional Intelligence

Implementing discipline over our emotional life is difficult and requires lifelong practice.Enhancing emotional intelligence improves our ability to master our emotional functioning. High emotional intelligence can improve our communications with all others, enhance our perception of satisfaction with ourselves and our lives and increase our productiveness overall.


Proposition 207: Issues and Answers 


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