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Cybersecurity 2022

Join Stewart Bruner for a look at the challenges facing all of us in the coming year(s) regarding our passwords, the gadgets we carry around with us in and out of the office, and the people who want to take advantage of us when we get complacent or lazy about protecting them.


 Quality Customer Service During a Pandemic

This course aims to give you an understanding of trauma, as defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and help you recognize how to take a trauma-informed approach with yourself and others. The goal is to provide quality customer service at all times.     


 Respect in the Workplace
Recognize the benefits and importance of respect in the workplace. This program covers the characteristics of a respectful working environment, the consequences of working in a workplace without respect, and techniques that contribute to a respectful environment for all. 


 Let's Talk
This class defines the components of communication and the causes for breakdown in the message. It also discusses how verbal and non-verbal cues directly impact messaging.



Ethics and Decision Making 
Sometimes tough decisions involve ethical questions. What resources do you have to help make these decisions and how do you use those resources?  What happens when there are ethical conflicts? This class will help guide you through the process and give you practical examples to practice with.
Where Do I Turn? Civil Unrest, Disinformation and Deepfakes
In today’s 24-by-7 news and social media cycle, it’s easy to become paralyzed by so many competing “truths." We will shed light on the disinformers and their unwitting accomplices. We'll then share techniques to help you sort through the noise for yourself.  Finally, timely steps to take when civil unrest affects your court.




Workplace harassment can, and often is, more pervasive. Sometimes we don't even realize we are engaging in harassment. This class will help you understand what constitutes harassment, and what options you have if you experience harassment.                                                              


 Cybersecurity Decade in Review

Cyberattacks change frequently, the approach of cybercriminals remain the same. Prepare yourself to recognize bad guys’ next moves by reviewing their most notorious activities beginning in 1903 and extending into the past decade.                                                                                  Evaluation 


 Lessons from the Pandemic Year
Stewart Bruner reviews his most significant takes from the pandemic year and provide some helpful tips you can use to protect yourself, your coworkers, and even court users from cyberattacks. This material is especially helpful for those working from home.   


Proposition 207: Issues and Answers 
Intro to Emotional Intelligence
Review the theory behind emotional intelligence and examine the practice techniques within different categories of emotional intelligence.




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