Judicial Training


The Judicial College of Arizona (JCA) board, a standing committee of the Committee on Judicial Education and Training (COJET), is responsible for the development, implementation, and administrative oversight of the training of Arizona’s judicial officers, as well additional educational programs which support Arizona’s judicial branch.  Staffed by members of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Education Services Division (ESD) and led by a Dean and Associate Dean, the JCA board works in partnership with the ESD to ensure Arizona’s judicial officers receive high quality and timely continuing education.   

This page includes information and resources related to the JCA board and ESD’s commitment to judicial officer training in Arizona’s state courts. 

Education Services Event Calendar

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Judicial Training Programs

(Sponsored by Education Services Division)

The Education Services Division coordinators and administers COJET accredited programs in conjunction with the Judicial College of Arizona.  These programs include judicial officer orientation programs, seminars, conferences and certification programs meeting the educational needs of judicial officers around the state.  For detailed registration and program information, contact the Education Services Division at (602) 452-3060.

  • Limited Jurisdiction New Judge Orientation (LNJO)  
  • General Jurisdiction New Judge Orientation (GNJO)
  • Civil Traffic Hearing Officer Training (CTHO)
  • Small Claims Hearing Officer Training (SCHO)
  • Arizona Judicial Conference
  • Additional Training Programs sponsored by the Education Services Division including trainings in Probate, Family Law, Domestic Violence and Traffic matters (including DUI).



Wendell is a curated collection of references for Arizona judicial officers and court staff. It contains news items highlighting important legal updates and changes that affect the Arizona judiciary; pages that organize recently provided judicial education programs by topic; and upcoming local, state, and national training opportunities. Additionally, Wendell houses key judicial reference materials, including judicial bench books and reference manuals, the Revised Arizona Jury Instructions, and other selected publications. Wendell is maintained by AOC Education Services Division, under the direction of the Judicial College of Arizona.

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Additional Online Training
National Training Opportunities

The Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) requires Arizona’s judicial officers to attend an education program of regional or national scope at least once every three years.  Below are links to organizations with which Arizona’s judges may consider engaging for in-person or online training which meets this requirement.  Judicial Officers are encouraged to work with their local training coordinator to receive credit for attending training programs which do not have prior COJET accreditation.



Judicial Officer Compliance

The continuing education requirements for Arizona state court judicial officers are provided by the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration Section 1-302.These include that full-time judges shall complete at least 16 credit hours of judicial education each calendar year, including ethics and computer and network security training, and attend the Arizona Judicial Conference.  Additional requirements also may apply.  Please review the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration Section 1-302, Part I, for more information.