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Welcome to the Educational Technology Unit's Curriculum on the Web page. Here you will find singular trainings designed for self-paced learning. Simply read and become familiar with the materials on the page, download any supplemental materials, then access the certificate for credit.*

To Receive COJET Credit:
For self-paced curriculum on the web courses, a certificate is available for download at the bottom of the screen. Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses from the Download Page offer a printable certificate upon completion of the course. Before embarking on any independent learning program it is recommended you speak with your supervisor to ensure the program you wish to take is applicable to your job role.
To recieve COJET credit print the certificates provided and submit  them to your local training coordinator.

Click on the title link to access that training.


IMPORTANT: If you are an AOC Employee, you must take the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employee training in our Learning Management System (TraCorp). This will ensure accurate reporting of your COJET hours.

Access the LMS by clicking here:

All other Arizona Court staff may take the training via this webpage.

An online guide to the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees, this five-part series offers a canon-by-canon, rule-by-rule walkthrough of the entire document. You can elect to take all five parts at once or one at a time as your schedule allows. At the end of each course you'll gain access to a printable certificate of completion you can give to your training coordinator. Completion of the entire course totals four and a half hours of COJET credit. 

Currently the course is only available to those courts with access to the AJIN network. We are working to make it accessible statewide to all courts. 

In addition, this course will not play in outdated or non-compliant browsers. It is recommended you use Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may be prompted periodically throughout the course to turn on ActiveX controls in order for certain screens to load properly. The scenarios in these programs are built in QuickTime therefore it is best to have this version of movie player installed on your system. To download the most recent version of QuickTime go to:

Click a link below to take that corresponding module. Each module is approved for Ethics and Arizona Court Systems credit. 

Canon 1

Canon 2

Canon 3

Canon 4

To access the Code of Conduct document click
scroll down to Chapter 3, and open Section 1-303
Supplemental material for Canon 4:
 Q&A - Permissible Political Activity
 Political Activity by Arizona Judges

Legal Advice vs. Legal Information 

With the increase of self-represented litigants in Arizona, the issue of how to provide assistance and information to court customers, without giving legal advice, is becoming more critical and urgent. Court customers approach you daily with countless questions about cases, policies and procedures, forms and terms, attorneys and the judiciary. Consequently, and often with little guidance, you must decide what information you can provide to these customers.
This program is approved for 1 hour of COJET Ethics credit.  *Please note this course is hosted on our intranet site and may not be available to all viewers. 

Property Tax Training 
On June 16, 2010, Commission Rick Nothwehr lead a phone conference covering new changes and procedures for tax law courts. This course offers a revised transcript of that training, videos Com. Nothwehr presented to attendees, his PowerPoint presentation, and his overall guide in PDF format. In addition, questions from the conference were compiled into an FAQ document.
This program is approved for 1 hour of COJET credit.
And Justice for All 
This informative course will walk you through the Arizona Court System with topics on the branches of government, historical perspectives, types of cases, the levels of the court, general jurisdiction, appellate, and tribal courts. After a summary, you'll take a final exam which you must pass with a score of 75% or better to receive credit for the course.
This program is worth 2 hours of Arizona Court Systems COJET credit.
 *Please note this course is hosted on our intranet site and may not be available to all viewers.