Staff Training

JSEC Mission:
To promote the education standards established by the Arizona Supreme Court.  To work with training coordinators in creating professional, comprehensive curriculum. To provide ongoing assessment and evaluation of educational programs that ensures consistency, quality, and equal representation for judicial staff. 
Ensure program faculty is adequately trained
Develop a strategy to expand and enhance judicial staff education
Uphold the educational standards set by the Arizona Supreme Court
Continue evaluations and recommendations to stakeholders
Assess educational programs for use in JSEC curriculum
Team Development
Enhance and expand education for judicial staff

1.   To submit on-going recommendations to COJET. 
2.   To promote effective, economical, and appropriate education for judicial staff.
3.   To evaluate the continuing educational needs of judicial staff.
4.   To provide quality education planning for judicial staff.
5.   To provide educational opportunities for judicial staff, in both rural and urban environments. 
6.   To maintain its broad-based membership representative of all non-judge job categories. 
7.   To provide faculty skills development opportunities. 

The committee sponsors the following programs: 
•         JSEC Broadcasts 
•         Annual Training Coordinator Conferences 

2022 JSEC Membership Roster

This page contains the information for the upcoming JSEC meeting, meeting minutes from past JSEC meetings and the current membership list. If you wish to attend the meeting or modify your attendance status press the Attend button. All meetings are held at the Judicial Education Center (JEC) and are generally scheduled from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. unless otherwise announced.






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 Future Meetings: 

To be determined

Committee Staff:
Renu Sapra 602-452-3015
 Committee Assistant: Jenifer Grubbe 602-452-3006