New Electronic Payment Card for Child Support

The Arizona Electronic Payment Card for child support is changing from Bank of America Visa© Card to the Way2Go® Prepaid Mastercard© issued by Comerica.

The new Way2Go Card® will be sent to you by mail no later than September 23, 2021. Starting September 23, 2021, all Child Support payments will automatically be deposited to the new Way2Go Card®. Once activated, you can begin using the new Way2Go Card® everywhere you use your current EPC.



Has your address or contact information changed?

Please contact your Clerk of Court for instructions specific to your county at:

For DCSS Child Support: You can review your information and make changes in the AZ Child Support Portal at:

  • After September 23, 2021, no payments will be made to your Bank of America card, but any funds already on the card will still be available for use until February 28, 2022. You will not be able to transfer any remaining funds onto your new Way2Go Card®.
  • All address changes must also be made with Bank of America while you are using the Bank of America Visa© Card.
  • Before February 28, 2022, you can locate ATMs and participating banks, make an online transfer, or pay bills online at:
  • If you have any remaining funds on your Bank of America card after March 30, 2022, you will need to contact Bank of America to retrieve your funds.
  • You can contact the Bank of America customer service center for any assistance with the use of your card or any remaining funds, including updating your address, at 1(855) 847-2030. Hearing-impaired customers call TTY: 1(866) 656-5913. There is no charge for this service.
  • To report a lost or stolen E-Card, call Bank of America's customer service department at 1(855) 847-2030 or go online at

  • All child support payments received on or after September 23, 2021 will be deposited to your new Way2Go® Card. Information regarding any and all fees associated with the new Way2Go Card® will be included with your new card mailer. This information is also available by contacting the Clerk of the Court using the website listed above. 
  • Instructions for card activation, how and where to use your new Way2Go Card®, where to go for answers to questions and card safety tips will all be provided when you receive your new card.
  • Note: If you are receiving both unemployment benefits and child support payments, your new Way2GoⓇ Card will be used for both payments. However, this card will not replace an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card for Nutrition or Cash Assistance.

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