Final Audit Reports

The Fiduciary Compliance Audits are designed to determine compliance with applicable statutes, Arizona Supreme Court orders and rules and the Fiduciary Program rules and codes and the Code of Conduct.

Date  Fiduciary Principal At Time 
Feburary 2021 Santa Cruz Public Fiduciary Cecilia Mejia 
Feburary 2018 Apache County Public Fiduciary Yvonne Stallings
 September  2013        Maureen Edwards      Maureen Edwards
 June 2013      Dawn Walters  Dawn Walters
December 2012  Michael Klecka Michael Klecka
September 2012 Integrated Fiduciary Services, Inc.  Elizabeth Crosby 
August 2012 Fiduciary Solutions, LLC Mario Martinez
May 2012 John Harris  John Harris 
May 2012  East Valley Fiduciary Services, Inc.  James Clark 
April 2012  Entrust Fiduciary Services, Inc.  Lisa Price 
April 2012 Condit & Associates, LLC  Mary Jane Condit
April 2012  Marlene Appel Marlene Appel 
March 2012  Stephanie McCollum  Stephanie McCollum 
February 2012 Yavapai County Public Fiduciary Shari Tomlinson
August 2011 Alese Barkas Alese Barkas
July 2011 Childers & Berg, LLC Donald Childers
November 2010 Maricopa County Public Fiduciary Susan Cooper
June 2010  Navajo County Public Fiduciary Sherry Reed
June 2010  Mohave County Public Fiduciary Catherine Robbins 
April 2010  Greenlee County Public Fiduciary Nora Garza
January 2010  AZ Department of Veterans' Services Gregory Sulzer 
June 2009  Candace Bow & Clare Guthrie Candace Bow 
June 2009 La Paz County Public Fiduciary Linda Bachtel 
June 2009  Lyndi Anderson Lyndi Anderson 
February 2009  Santa Cruz County Public Fiduciary Rita Ashford 
May 2008  Managed Protective Services Jane Anne Geisler 
July 2007  Yuma County Public Fiduciary   
May 2007  Candace Bow & Clare Guthrie  Candace Bow 
March 2007  Coconino County Public Fiduciary Raena Honan 
October 2006  Sun Valley Group Peter Frenette 
June 2006  Fiduciaries, LLC Lynette Esser 
June 2005  Cochise County Public Fiduciary  Barbara Middleton 
June 2005  Care Coordinators, Inc. Robin Fuller & Delores Rusnak 
May 2005  Southwest Fiduciary Gregory Dovico 
August 2004  Northern Arizona Fiduciary Carla Jones 
March 2004  Graham County Public Fiduciary Donna Dauenhauer 
Jan. & May 2004  Pimental Associates Dian Pimental 
August 2003  Gila County Public Fiduciary Tiffany Wager 
March 2003  Certified Fiduciary Services Pamela Johnston 
March 2003    Pinal County Public Fiduciary Mary Espinoza