Court Improvement Program

Court Improvement is committed to the safety, permanency, and well-being of Arizona’s foster children.  We are proud of our collaborative work with all 15 County Superior Courts.  We are actively engaged with the legal, child welfare, and service communities and are constantly looking for ways to do our common work more effectively.  Court Improvement is focused on positive outcomes for the children and families involved in Arizona’s dependency court system.   



 September is Kinship Care Month!

Historically, kinship care has been common in many communities of color to sustain family relationships and protect and preserve their culture and history. Research also indicates that placing children in the care of relatives or kin reduces the trauma of family separation; helps children maintain a sense of family, belonging, and identity; and supports reunification efforts.

These benefits have led to increasing attention on kinship care as an optimal placement when family separation is necessary.

During Kinship Care Month, we should focus on our commitment to a family-centered child welfare system and recognize the importance of prioritizing kinship placements and supporting kin caregivers. Together, we can provide caregivers and agencies with the resources and tools they need to improve reunification odds and positive long-term outcomes.


 National Recovery Month 2023


National Recovery Month (Recovery Month), which started in 1989, is a national observance held every September to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the nation’s strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and communities who make recovery in all its forms possible.

SAMHSA aims to increase public awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery. In the years since Recovery Month launched, SAMHSA has timed announcements of initiatives and grant funding during Recovery Month, while collaborating with private and public entities to celebrate individuals during their long-term recoveries.