Title IV-E Reimbursement


Due to changes in federal policy and the development of intergovernmental agreements,  Arizona counties can now request reimbursement for allowable costs of attorneys providing legal representation to a Title IV-E eligible child and the child’s parent. Counties have agreed to utilize at least 75% of the reimbursed dollars to support and enhance the delivery of child and parent legal representation.

IV-E Recorded Trainings
To support and provide information and a chance for discussion of best practices in parent and child dependency representation.

Materials on IV-E Reimbursement
Title IV-E Legal Representation Claiming – Fact Sheet (PDF)
IV-E Reimbursement (PDF)
Leveraging Title IV-E Dollars – National Judicial Leadership Summit – 5-9-23 (PDF)
State Experiences Claiming Title IV-E for Parent and Child Attorneys (PDF)
Technical Bulletin (PDF)
Utilizing Title IV-E to Support High Quality Representation (PDF)

Arizona Title IV-E Legal Pass-Through - Certification of Expenditure Form
FY24 Q1 Certification of Expenditure-Attachment A (Excel)
FY24 Q2 Certification of Expenditure-Attachment A (Excel)
FY24 Q3 Certification of Expenditure-Attachment A (Excel)
FY24 Q4 Certification of Expenditure-Attachment A (Excel)
Note: Forms that counties use to invoice allowable quarterly expenses.

FY20 Annual Progress Report (PDF)
County Update Utilization of IV-E Funds-Jan. 2021 (PDF)
FY21 Annual Progress Report (PDF)
FY22 Annual Progress Report (PDF)

If you have any additional questions, please contact Molly Vehon (602) 452-3429 or [email protected].