Operational Review

The Operational Review process serves as a tool to measure the successful efforts of county courts regarding compliance with applicable statutes, Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court, Supreme Court Administrative Orders, Funding Agreements, and local policies and procedures. The review process allows for the recognition of efforts being made by the court to address the specific needs of dependent children. Additionally, the review process allows for many opportunities for continuing education and training related to the dependency process.

Operational Review Final Report

Through a review of information available both at the AOC and onsite in each county, the review team compiles the data necessary to report on each county’s efforts to address the needs of dependent children in the court system. The Operational Review Final Report (Wells County Sample Report) cites measures of the court’s success in addressing the aforementioned federal, state and local requirements. The report specifies recommendations made by the review team as well as the county’s corrective action plans to address each recommendation. Corresponding follow up is completed up to six months after the completion of the Final Report and allows the county the opportunity to report on their success in implementing any corrective action plans.

Operational Review Client Guide

The Operational Review Client Guide is a compilation of the requirements addressed by the review team. The Client Guide has been developed to provide the user with information necessary to prepare for and participate in the DCSD operational review process. An overview of the review process, the specific requirements for each of the review areas, and a helpful glossary of terms specific to the dependency process are all included in the guide.