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SAFE Initiative 

DCS SAFE AZ Presentation, Layli Mildena  

Child Safety Framework Presentation AZ AOC July 20-21 2017 - Casey slides 


The Dependency Process

Duties and Responsibilities of Appointed Counsel and Guardians Ad Litem for Parent Representation in Dependency Cases   

Duties and Responsibilities of Appointed Counsel and Guardians Ad Litem for Child Representation in Dependency Cases   

Dependency Handbook for Parents      

Manual Para Padres Y Tutores Legales En Casos De Patria Potestad   

Youth Guide to the Dependency Court   

Dependency Hearing Templates  

Dependency Flow Chart   

Dependency Hearing Overview  

Laws Affecting Dependency  

Arizona Court Rules  

Arizona Self-Service Center 



A Shared Sentence  


Certified Child Welfare Law Specialists – A First for Arizona

Fourteen Arizona attorneys were recently certified as Child Welfare Law Specialists.  Offered by the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) and recognized by the State Bar of Arizona, this certification acknowledges their significant experience and knowledge of the child welfare process. Court Improvement is proud to support these attorneys as they raise the bar for child welfare representation! 

Health Care Toolkit

Missing Children, State Care, and Child Sex Trafficking: Engaging the Judiciary in Building a Collaborative Response



Demographic Trends in Foster Care 

The Children's Bureau: Child Welfare Outcomes Reports 

Arizona Child Welfare Measures

Fact Sheet Regarding Foster Children Receiving Behavioral Health Services in HCTC Foster Homes  

Behavioral Health

Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers

Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence and Trauma

Cenpatico Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Informational Guide

Cenpatico Provider Services 

Cenpatico Points of Contact 

Child and Family Law Courts Meet Brain Science 



Understanding Arizona's Education System  

Court Teams for Infants and Toddlers

Best for Babies Checklist of Services 

Immigration Issues

Immigration in the Child Welfare System - Case Studies 

Separated and Transnational Families - Toolkit for Child Welfare Cases  

Practical Guidance for the Juvenile Dependency Process Related to Parents Detained by ICE


Recommended Reading

Aging Out - Checklist for Young Adults 

Child and Family Law Meets Brain Science (video link)

Interviewing the Child Client 

New Tools for Judges on Engaging Fathers in Child Welfare Cases
Used with Permission from Judge Len Edwards (ret.)

Judge Len Edwards (ret.) produced four videos that provide practical guidance to judges on locating and involving fathers in child welfare cases.   

      Video 1: Identifying/Locating the Father

      Video 2: Establishing Paternity

      Video 3: Explaining Father's Rights & Responsibilities

      Video 4: Engaging Fathers

One Family, Five Courts, One Judge: Consolidating Cases in Non-Unified Family Courts 


Preparing and Supporting Foster Parents Who Adopt 

Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: A Training Tool For EMS Providers 


Within Our Reach: A National Strategy to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities   

Court Improvement Publications  

Sibling Information Exchange Brochure