Reasonable Efforts in the Light of a Better Understanding of the DCS Service Array


The training will provide participants a detailed review of key tools and insightful discussion of DCS’ current service array. Katherine Guffey, DCS and Judge Robert Brooks, Maricopa County Juvenile Court, will illustrate the services that are offered to families and an expert panel will explore case scenarios designed to enhance participants’ understanding of the array of available services and their ability to ask more informed questions about the reasonable efforts being made in a case. 

Date: April 29, 2022   Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am 

Panel members include:

  • Moderator – Judge Joseph Kreamer, Presiding Judge for the Maricopa County Juvenile Court
  • Judge Peter Hochuli, Presiding Judge for Pima County Juvenile Court
  • Katherine Guffey, Executive Consultant to the Director, DCS
  • Crystal Garduno, Parent Ally, Family Involvement Center
  • Tracey Heinrick, Protective Services Unit Chief Counsel, Attorney General’s Office
  • Chris Phillis, Private Counsel, Pinal County (Parent’s Attorney)
  • Bill Owsley, Office of the Legal Advocate (Child’s Attorney)


Recorded Session



About the Presenters
DCS New Service Array Fact Sheet
DCS Service Array Bench Card
Hypothetical Case Scenarios
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