Child Safety Guide


The Arizona Court Improvement Program is happy to provide information regarding the resource entitled Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys (“the Guide”)1.   The following recorded trainings and materials are provided to promote the understanding and use of the Guide by judges, attorneys, and others who advocate for children and families involved in the child welfare system. 


The purpose of this Guide is to provide judges and attorneys with a practical summary about child safety so they can:

  • Evaluate whether agency recommendations regarding child safety are based on sufficient information;
  • Recognize recommendations that follow logical reasoning and analysis;
  • Identify what additional specific information must be gathered and reported to court; and
  • Have confidence in decisions about child safety, which will improve decision making regarding permanency and well-being.


1Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys, Copyright 2009 American Bar Association and ACTION for Child Protection, Inc.

Child Safety Decision-making: An Introduction to Key Concepts and Tools - Jennifer Renne (58 mins) 

Ensuring a child’s safety is a shared responsibility and it is important that all involved understand the basic principles of safety assessment and planning.  Jennifer Renne, co-author of Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys, or Safety Guide, provides practical information for judges and attorneys involved in the safety assessment process.  Referencing the Safety Guide and accompanying Bench Cards, she provides examples of important inquiries that the legal community can make to ensure clear and consistent communication about the reasons a child enters foster care.  

An Introduction to the Child Safety Framework - Honorable Anna Young and Rob Wyman (120 mins)  

Judge Anna Young and Rob Wyman provide in depth instruction on the language and structure of the safety decision making process.  Participants will receive thoughtful instruction on the use of the Safety Guide and will be able to explore the information via Quick Sheets and activities built into the training.  The session includes tips that for a stronger understanding in every case regarding safety threats, child vulnerability, parental protective capacities, and the conditions for the child’s return to the home.  

Child Safety Training for Judges and Attorneys on CapLEARN

This course provides a detailed analytical structure to help legal and social work professionals answer the question, "Is this child safe?" The course's decision-making framework offers a comprehensive approach to child safety decision-making, addressing the fundamentals of safety assessments and safety planning. This informs legal advocacy and judicial decision-making around safety related decisions such as removal and reunification. The course is targeted toward judges and attorneys but is also relevant for agency staff.

Access to Course – From the CapLEARN page, select Register for free access to course pages, next to LOGIN button.  Once you’re registered and are in the application, you can quickly access the course by entering “safety” in the Search Catalog Course window or by scrolling through the list of available courses and selecting Child Safety Training for Judges and Attorneys.