Child Safety Guide

Child Safety Decision-making: An Introduction to Key Concepts and Tools  - CLICK HERE for webinar.  Materials are provided below.   

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·          Child Safety Guide

·          Child Safety Guide Bench Cards   


The Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) has introduced the SAFE AZ Model to child welfare offices statewide.  There will be a change in child-specific information provided to judges and attorneys to assess removal, reunification, and visitation.  The SAFE AZ Model is grounded in the importance of determining safety threats, protective capacities, and vulnerability – concepts that will be explored during this webinar.


Jennifer Renne is the faculty for this presentation.  Jennifer is the director of the Capacity Building Center for Courts.  She has been with the ABA Center on Children and the Law since 2000, and has provided training and technical assistance in almost every state on a wide variety of issues including improving permanency outcomes, achieving permanency for older youth, and collaboration between court systems and the child welfare agency.  Her current focus is working with federal and private partners to build capacity among courts, Court Improvement Programs, child welfare agencies and Tribes to achieve sustainable systems' change.


Her publications include books titled, Making it Permanent Reasonable Efforts to Finalize Permanency Plans for Foster Children, Legal Ethics in Child Welfare Cases, and Child Safety A Guide for Judges and Attorneys.  Jennifer has represented children in dependency cases and has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, teaching legal ethics to students interested in pursuing public interest law careers.  She received her JD from Georgetown University Law Center and her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.  In her role at the ABA Center on Children and the Law and, more recently, as the Director of the Capacity Building Center for Courts, Jennifer has been working with Court Improvement Programs throughout the country.  She has boundless energy and passion for her work, and Court Improvement is fortunate to have her as a resource.