Arizona Judicial Branch

Parent Assistance Hotline


The Parent Assistance Hotline  (PAH) provides information to parents or guardians to broaden their understanding of the process of the removal of a child from their home.  PAH staff address several topics with callers, including:

  • Assist callers in understanding the Arizona dependency process and the juvenile court system.
  • Without giving legal advice, offer options and resources related to dependency issues. 
  • Help to identify resources for family issues such as legal assistance, counseling services, and other family assistance.
It is important to note that:
  • Hotline staff do not have access to case-specific information.
  • Hotline staff cannot offer legal advice.

Contact Information

PAH staff provide coverage for incoming calls during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm) at the following numbers:

800-732-8193  Toll Free

602-452-3580  Phoenix Area

602-452-3545  TTY (Hearing Impaired)

Voice messaging is available after hours, or when staff is with another client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of the PAH staff is to provide accurate information, education, and referrals, enabling parents and caretakers to work more effectively within their family unit.

Some questions are frequently asked by people who contact the PAH.  To try to help serve the public better, the PAH has listed several of these frequently asked questions with their answers.

Statistical Information

PAH staff track calls which are subsequently categorized based on the nature of the information requested.  The following table illustrates the utilization of the PAH service, as well as the types of calls received by PAH staff.


June 2018 Statistics

Program Name Number of Calls
Parent Assistance Hotline 61
Foster Care Review Board 0
Court Appointed Special Advocate 0
Dependent Children's Services Division 0
Confidential Intermediary Program 0
Domestic Relations 0
Other 1
Total Calls: 62

Referred To: Number of Calls
ADES - Other 4
Attorney 6
Behavioral Health Services 0
CASA Program 0
Confidential Intermediary Program 0
Court -Domestic Relations 2
Court - Juvenile 6
Court - Other 4
Foster Care Review Board 0
Ombudsman's Office 0
Other Services 11
 N/A 22
Total Calls: 62

*Includes calls received from 06/01/2018 through 06/30/2018