2002 Case Summaries

These web pages are designed to provide members of the news media and other interested parties with summaries of Oral Arguments that will be or have been heard by the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court.

These summaries were prepared by the Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorney’s Office and the Administrative Office of the Courts solely for educational purposes. They are not to be considered official commentaries by the court or any member thereof or part of any brief, memorandum or other pleading filed in these cases.

December 10, 2002 Case Summaries CR-01-0275-AP and CR-02-0184-PR

December 5, 2002 Case Summaries CR-02-0093-PR; CV-02-0190PR, CV-02-0219-PR, & CV-02-0220-PR (Combined); and CR-02-0-22-PC, CR-02-0031-PC, CR 02-0038-PC & CR-02-0146-PC (Combined)

November 19 2002 ASU College of Law Tempe AZ CR-97-0428-AP

November 7 2002 UofA Tucson CV-02-0091-PR and CR-01-0423-PR

October 31 2002 Case Summaries CR-00-0447-AP, CR-02-0067-PR and CV-02-0060-PR

October 1 2002 Case Summaries CR-01-0435-PR, CR-01-0438-PR and CV-02-0058-PR

September 26 2002 Case Summaries CV-02-0062-PR- [not listed] CV-99-0273-PR and CR-01-0424-PR

Steve May v Hon. Colleen a McNally/Betsy Bayless CV-02-0215-PR

May 29, 2002 Case Summaries CR-01-0272-AP,CR-01-0223-PR, CV-02-0045-PR and CV-01-0437-PR

May 23, 2002 Case Summaries CR-99-0243-AP, CV-01-0351-PR and CV-01-0408-PR

May 2, 2002 Case Summaries CR-99-0536-AP, CV-01-0367-PR and CR-01-0423-PR

April 30, 2002 Case Summaries CR-00-0360-AP, CV-01-0324-PR and CV-01-0336-PR

April 29, 2002 Case Summary CV-02-0020-CQ

March 21, 2002 Case Summaries, CR-99-0378-AP, CV-01-0358-CQ, CR-00-0328-AP and CV-01-0383-PR

February 19, 2002 Case Summaries, CR-99-0296-AP, CV-01-0158-PR, CR-99-0551-AP

February 13, 2002 Case Summaries, CR-99-0439-AP, CV-01-0262-PR and CV-01-0311-SA

January 10, 2002, Case Summaries, CV-01-0287-PR, CR-00-0161-AP, CV-01-0113-PR and CV-01-0270-CQ

Case Summaries, Arizona Supreme Court Room, Nov. 13, 01, CV-99-0273-PR and CV-01-0039-PR

Case Summaries, University of Arizona College of Law, Nov. 1, 2001, CV-00-0375-PR and CV-001-0001-PR