2006 Case Summaries

These web pages are designed to provide members of the news media and other interested parties with summaries of Oral Arguments that will be or have been heard by the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court.

These summaries were prepared by the Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorney’s Office and the Administrative Office of the Courts solely for educational purposes. They are not to be considered official commentaries by the court or any member thereof or part of any brief, memorandum or other pleading filed in these cases.

November 30, 2006 Case Summaries: CV-06-0275-PR Deer Valley v. Hon. Robert Houser/Pamela McDonald; CV-06-0320-PR David Garcia v. Hon. Christopher Browning/State; and SB-06-0121-D In the Matter of Carly Van Dox

November 1, 2006 Case Summaries: CV-06-0100-PR Susan Gipson v. Larry Kasey/Jane Doe Kasey; and CV-06-0280-SA Haywood Securities v. Hons. Ehrlich/Barker et al.

October 4, 2006 Case Summaries: CV-06-0076-PR George Winn v. Plaza Healthcare Inc., et al.; and CV-06-0008-PR Suzanne Tyman v. Hintz Concrete Inc., et al.

September 14, 2006 Case Summaries: CR-05-0533-PR State of Arizona v. Donna Jean Bennett; and CV-06-0106-PR Guadalupe Falcon et al. v. Maricopa County et al.

June 27, 2006 Case Summary: CV-06-0079-SA The 47th Legislature et al. v. Napolitano et al.

May 25, 2006 Case Summaries: CR-05-0403-PR State of Arizona v. Thomas Otis Baird; and CR-04-0405-AP State of Arizona v. Leroy Dean McGill

May 23, 2006 Case Summary: CR-03-0033-AP State of Arizona v. Tracy Allen Hampton

April 26, 2006 Case Summaries: CR-03-0355-AP State of Arizona v. Frank Silva Roque; and CR-04-0073-AP State of Arizona v. Charles David Ellison

April 19.2006 Case Summaries: CV-05-0217-PR W. Fearnow et ux v. Ridenour Swenson Cleere & Evans; and CV-05-0299-PR Jeremy Mejak v. Hon. Granville/State ex rel Thomas

March 21,2006 Case Summaries: CV-05-0381-AP/EL Joseph Hancock et al. v. Bisnar/Griffin/Musick; and CV-05-0397-SA State of Arizona v. Hon. Arellano/Michael Apelt/Rudi Apelt

March 16,2006 Case Summaries: SB-03-0152-PR In the Matter of Lee Keller King; and CR-01-0275-AP State of Arizona v. Shawn Ryan Grell

February 14, 2006 Case Summaries: CR-04-0074-AP State of Arizona v. Steven Ray Newell; CV-05-0204-PR Brenda Johnson v. Earnhardt's Gilbert Dodge Inc.; and CR-05-0101-PR State of Arizona v. Morton Robert Berger

February 9, 2006 Case Summaries: CR-03-0420-AP State of Arizona v. Ruben Myran Johnson; and CV-05-0263-PR State of Arizona v. Hon. Brown/McMullen

January 10, 2006 Case Summary: CV-05-0158-PR Elizabeth Espinoza v. Carrington Schulenburg et al.

January 6, 2006 Case Summaries: CR-05-0373-PR State of Arizona v. David Patrick Parks; CR-05-0104-PR State of Arizona v. Israel Joaquin Alvarez; and CV-05-0119-PR Walter A. Dressler v. Dona Morrison et al.