2009 Case Summaries

These web pages are designed to provide members of the news media and other interested parties with summaries of Oral Arguments that will be or have been heard by the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court.

These summaries were prepared by the Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorney’s Office and the Administrative Office of the Courts solely for educational purposes. They are not to be considered official commentaries by the court or any member thereof or part of any brief, memorandum or other pleading filed in these cases.

December 10, 2009 Case Summaries: CV-09-0174-PR State ex. rel. Industrial Commission v. Tommy Word dba Pacific Mechanical Service; CR-07-0301-AP State of Arizona v. Ryan Wesley Kuhs

December 8, 2009 Case Summaries: CR-09-0179-PR State of Arizona v. Frank R. Maldonado; CR-09-0188-PR State of Arizona v. Jose Salvador Guillen; CV-09-0193-PR Jimmie D. Holland v. Michael and Jane Doe Hurley

November 3, 2009 Case Summaries: WC-07-0001-IR and WC-07-0003-IR Gila River General Adjudication; CR-09-0087-PR State of Arizona v. Basilio Soliz

October 29, 2009 Case Summary: CV-09-0117-PR Flagstaff Affordable Housing v. Design Alliance, Inc.

September 30, 2009 Case Summaries: CV-09-0042-PR Meyer Turken et al v. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and NPP City North LLC; CR-08-0363-PR State of Arizona v. Mark Allen Freeney

September 24, 2009 Case Summaries: CR-08-0368-PR State of Arizona v. Robert Eugene Allen, Jr.; CV-09-0036-PR David Lake v. City of Phoenix et al.

June 30, 2009 Case Summary: CV-09-0078-SA Arizona Early Childhood Development v. Janice K. Brewer; Dean Martin and D. Clark Partridge

June 23, 2009 Case Summary: CV-09-0168-SA Janice K. Brewer v. Robert Burns; Kirk Adams; Arizona State Senate; Arizona State House Of Representatives; and Charmion Billington

June 2, 2009 Case Summaries: CR-07-0164-AP State of Arizona v. Julius Jarreau Moore; CR-06-0240-AP State of Arizona v. Alvie C. Kiles

April 28, 2009 Case Summaries: CR-08-0292-PR State of Arizona v. Jesus Valverde, Jr.; CR-07-0103-AP State of Arizona v. Paul Bradley Speer

April 21, 2009 Case Summaries: CV-08-0359-PR Sabino Carbajal v. ICA/Phelps Dodge/Gabb Robbins; CV-08-0382-PR Leonel Garza v. SwiftTransportation

March 26, 2009 Case Summaries: CR-08-0308-PR State of Arizona v. Michael Dimetrius Schmidt; CR-08-0286-PR State of Arizona v. Vincent Zaragoza; CR-07-0048-AP; State of Arizona v. Patrick Wade Bearup

March 24, 2009 Case Summaries: CV-08-0394-SA Ryan J. Chronis v. State of Arizona ex rel. Andrew Thomas; CR-08-0299-PR State of Arizona v. Sean W. Botkin

February 24, 2009 Case Summaries: CV-08-0308-PR Ivo Queiroz v. Daniel Harvey; CR-07-0153-AP State of Arizona v. Brian Jeffrey Dann

February 18, 2009 Case Summaries: CR-08-0312-PR State of Arizona v. John Herbert Shrum; CR-08-0244-PR State of Arizona v. Danny R. Hardesty

January 21, 2009 Case Summary: CV-08-0379-PR League of Arizona Cities and Towns v. Dean Martin/Janet Napolitano

January 13, 2009 Case Summary: CV-08-0241-PR State of Arizona v. Western Union Financial Services

January 8, 2009 Case Summaries: CV-08-0284-PR Shannon Backus/Rosemary Johnson v. State of Arizona/AZ Department of Corrections; CV-08-0163-PR Merwin C. Davis et al v. Agua Sierra Resources, L.L.C. et al