2022 Case Summaries

These web pages are designed to provide members of the news media and other interested parties with summaries of Oral Argument that will be or have been heard by the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court.

These summaries were prepared by the Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorneys' Office and the Administrative Office of the Courts solely for educational purposes.  They are not to be considered official commentaries by the court or any member thereof or part of any brief, memorandum or other pleading filed in these cases. 

June 30, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0203-PR Greg Mills, el al. v. ABTR et al.; CV-21-0211-PR Southern Arizona Home Builders v. Town of Marana

June 28, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0288-PR Antoinette Windhurst v. ADOC et al.; CR-22-0076-PR Israel Naranjo v. Hon. Sukenic/State of Arizona

June 16, 2022 Case Summary: (Rescheduled to October 12, 2022) CR-21-0398-PR and CR-21-400-PR (consolidated) State of Arizona v. Bobby Charles Purcell and State of Arizona v. Scott Lee Deshaw

May 19, 2022 Case Summary: CV-21-0205-PR Tina Zambrano v. M & RC II LLC et al.

May 17, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0051-PR Matthew Cavallo et al. v. Phoenix Health Plans, Inc.; CR-21-0329-PR State of Arizona v. Nicolas Luviano

May 10, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-22-0018-PR Karen Fann et al. v. Hon. Kemp/American Oversight; CR-17-0368-AP State of Arizona v. Sammantha Lucille Rebecca Allen

April 19, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0192-PR Matthews v. Indus. Comm'n of Ariz.; CV-21-0198-PR Morgan/Neff v. Hons. Dickerson/Cardinal; CV-21-0304-AP/EL Arizona Free Enterprise Club et al. v. Katie Hobbs et al. 

April 14, 2022 Case Summaries:  CV-21-0242-PR Harris/iHeartmedia v. Hon. Warner/McCarthy; CV-21-0256-CQ Staker & Parson Companies, Inc. v. Scottsdale Insurance Company

April 12, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0145-SA Graeme Hancock v. Hon. O' Neil/ State Bar of Arizona; CV-21-0236-CQ Walker v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company

VACATED March 10, 2022 Case Summary: CV-21-0133-PR TFLTC v. Beth Ford

March 8, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0080-PR Robert Burns v. Arizona Public Service Co. et al.; CV-21-0082-PC State of Arizona v. Beau John Greene

February 15, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0065-PR 4QTKIDZ et al. v. HNT Holdings LLC.; CV-21-0130-PR South Point Energy Center LLC. v. Arizona Department of Revenue

February 10, 2022 Case Summaries: CR-21-0258-PR Aranzi Rae Jon Willis v. Hon. Bernini/State of Arizona; CV-21-0174-SA State of Arizona v. Hons. Brearcliff/Vasquez

January 25, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-20-0318-PR Timothy B. v. Department of Child Safety; CR-21-0059-PR State of Arizona v. Jordan Christopher Ewer

January 13, 2022 Case Summaries: CV-21-0129-PR CAL-AM Properties Inc. v. Edais Engineering; CR-18-0284-AP State of Arizona v. Dwandarrius Jamar Robinson

January 11, 2022 Case Summaries: CR-18-0341-PC State of Arizona v. Donald Delahanty; CV-21-0215-PR Kizzen James v. City of Peoria