2005 Case Summaries

These web pages are designed to provide members of the news media and other interested parties with summaries of Oral Arguments that will be or have been heard by the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court.

These summaries were prepared by the Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorney’s Office and the Administrative Office of the Courts solely for educational purposes. They are not to be considered official commentaries by the court or any member thereof or part of any brief, memorandum or other pleading filed in these cases.

December 6, 2005 Case Summary: CV-05-0154-PR Richey Myers et al. v. City of Tempe

December 1, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-05-0124-PR Northpoint LP v. Maricopa County; and CV-05-0104-PR Daimler Chrysler Corp.

November 1, 2005 Case Summaries: CR-03-0199-AP State of Arizona v. Fabio Evelio Gomez; and CV-05-0186-PR Edward Powell et al. v. Thomas Washburn et al.

October 25, 2005 Case Summaries: CR-05-0062-PR State of Arizona v. Melissa Jean Gomez; and CR-05-0089-PR State of Arizona v. Emmet Darnell Wall

October 3, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0385-SA Maricopa-Stanfield et al. v. Hon. Robertson et al.; and SB-04-0079M In the Matter of James Joseph Hamm

September 29, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-05-0023-PR In Re Sara S; and CV-05-0155-PR State ex rel Thomas v. Hon. Granville/Baldwin

May 26, 2005 Case Summaries: CR-04-0442-PR State of Arizona v. Robert Allen Henderson; CV-04-0344-PR State of Arizona v. Hon. Fell/Edward John Sanders; and CV-04-0356-PR Pima County et al. v. Pima County Merit System et al.

April 26, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0303-PR State ex rel DES v. Jack Hayden; CV-04-0197-PR David C. Grammatico v. ICA/AROK/State Comp Fund; and CV-04-0364-PR Komalestewa v. ICA/Stoneville Pedigree/Wausau Ins.

April 21, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0346-PR Arizona State Democratic Party v. State of Arizona; and CR-03-0083-AP State of Arizona v. Robert Louis Cromwell

March 28, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0243-PR Dennis Canion v. Hon. Cole/State ex rel Thomas; and CR-04-0435-PR State of Arizona v. Pablo Arciniega Martinez

March 24, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0280-PR Citizen Publishing v. Hon. Miller/Elleithee et al; and CR-03-0022-AP State of Arizona v. Richard J. Glassel

February 15, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0215-PR Tammie C. Bennett et al. v. Gheral Brownlow et al; CV-04-0216-PR Anthony Jones et al. v. Hon. Sterling/State of Arizona; and CV-04-0300-PR Ry-Tan Construction v. Washington Elementary et al.

February 10, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0277-PR Eleanora Fernandez v. Takata Seat Belts et al.; and CR-03-0247-AP State of Arizona v. Homer Ray Roseberry

January 11, 2005 Case Summaries: CV-04-0209-PR Kent K./Sherry K. v. Bobby M./Leeh M.; CR-04-0170-PR State of Arizona v. Michael Antohny Rivera; and CV-04-0321-SA State ex rel Romley v. Hon. Hauser/Dancy