Task Force on Jury Data Collection, Practices and Procedures

Report and Recommendations of the Task Force on Jury Data Collection,
Practices, and Procedures

Statewide Jury Selection Workgroup Report and Recommendations

The Task Force on Jury Data Collection, Practices, and Procedures was established by Administrative Order No. 2021-35 as part of the Arizona Supreme Court’s strategic agenda. For more than two decades, the Arizona Supreme Court actively engaged in jury improvement reforms that have led to more effective jury service. This commitment to promoting public trust and confidence in our jury system continues today with a renewed focus on juries and the need to ensure that they fairly represent a cross-section of the local community in which they assemble. Therefore, the Task Force on Jury Data Collection, Practices, and Procedures will explore and make recommendations on:

  • Data collection, including demographic data that are important to determine jury composition.
  • Adequacy of current juror source lists used to summons jurors and whether use of additional source lists would be beneficial.
  • Ways to increase response rates to summons for jury service and reduce barriers to jury service.
  • Whether increasing juror pay would allow more potential jurors to serve.
  • Whether the reduction in the number of peremptory challenges should be continued for a period of up to three years to reduce the number of prospective jurors required for the impending jury trial backlog during post-pandemic recovery.
  • Whether peremptory challenges of jurors systemically reduce the representation of minorities and whether changes to the peremptory challenge rules should be made.
  • Content for public education information aimed at increasing awareness of jury service process and value of jury service.