Court Interpreter Program Advisory Committee

The Court Interpreter Program Advisory Committee (CIPAC) was established on November 20, 2015 with the issuance by the Chief Justice of Administrative Order No. 2015-95. To assist the Arizona Judicial Council carry out its responsibilities, the committee is charged with recommending policies for language access and credentialing of interpreters.

Specifically, the committee is charged with:

  • Considering the language access and credentialing guidelines established by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), and experiences from other states to make recommendations for implementing and Interpreter Credentialing Program in Arizona;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding program policies that improve the quality and availability of language interpreters;
  • Reviewing and recommending changes, as needed, to the orientation, skills training, and continuing education programs for all language court interpreters; and
  • Reviewing and recommending changes, as needed, to the continuing education of judges and staff.





Do you have  questions about the Court Interpreter Program Advisory Committee?

Please Contact:
David Svoboda, Language Access Coordinator
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