Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Information

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona (PCAAZ)’s Infant-Toddler Court (ITC) program, Best for Babies, works to serve Arizona infants and toddlers under three years old involved in the child protection system with the goals of increasing shared knowledge of the unique needs of infants and toddlers, increasing community collaboration to improve outcomes for those families, and changing local systems to prevent future court involvement in very young children’s lives. Best for Babies is modeled after the evidence-based Safe Babies Court Teams approach developed by Zero to Three.





Since 2004, PCAAZ has participated in statewide efforts to create and expand court teams for infants and toddlers. PCAAZ provides training and technical assistance to all 15 Arizona counties. Currently, PCAAZ is administering a five-year federal grant to strengthen three sites (Yavapai, Coconino, and Yuma Counties).

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