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September-October 2013 Edition
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Upcoming Events

Please visit the Education Services Division Calendar for more information on the following events.

  • 5             Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS), Human Resource Management
  • 6             Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS), Case Flow Manager
  • 9-12        Intensive Probation Officer Training
  • 16-20      Defensive Tactics - Officer Safety Training Center
  • 18-20      Institute for Court Management (ICM), Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • 23-27      Firearms Training, Kingman
  • 26           Committee for Judicial Education and Training meeting
  • 27           Court Leadership Institute of Arizona (CLIA) meeting


  • 2-4           Arizona Court Management (ACM) - Institute for Court Managmenet (ICM), Human Resources Management
  • 4              Arizona Court Management (ACM) - AZ Plus Diversity
  • 7-11         Defensive Tactics, Train-the-Trainer
  • 15-16       Court Leadership Conference
  • 21-25       Firearms Training
  • 21-11/1    Probation Officer Certification

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In the Spotlight

Curriculum Corner

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Language Access


Language access became a focal point in 2011 when Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch signed Administrative Order 2011-96. This AO requires courts to submit a language access plan, which is a written overview of how each court addresses the language needs of limited-English proficient (LEP) court users. To highlight the importance of access to justice, the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is pleased to share this update on language access.

Court staff should become familiar with their court’s language access plan as well as new and useful language access tools available on the AJIN Court Services Division Interpreter Resources page. All resources, including some examples listed below, are found at: http://supreme22/ctserv/CMU/CMU_CourtInterpreter.htm

Spoken Language Benchcard:

Most recently, information about how best to address language access needs within the courts was developed in the form of a bench card to guide judges and staff in facilitating matters involving interpreters for LEP court users. As indicated in AO 2011-96, language interpreters provide the essential communication bridge between LEP persons and courts. For ease of use, it is recommended that the bench card be printed double-sided and be readily available for judicial staff.

Language Identification cards - Language Identification Forms

In an effort to address language access at public points of contact, an additional resource is included for use at service counters. This language identification form, adapted from a US Census identification card, provides a written list of multiple languages for LEP persons to indicate their language need. It is intended to help both court users and court staff in appropriately identifying language resources that may be available. This document, listing more than 35 languages, should be laminated and kept at front counters to identify the LEP person’s spoken language.

  • Notice of Interpreter Services - This is a customizable poster to display in public areas with English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese translations to notify the public that language services are available.

  • Translated Protective order documents - Several documents have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, and Vietnamese, and Spanish versions are available as a reference for LEP users to help better understand what is requested on the English version to be filed in court. For clarification, the translated forms are not to be completed or filed with the court. Court staff should provide both the English and translated version of the forms; however, individuals seeking protective orders must still complete and file only the English version.

Look for more information about language access in both the upcoming editions of both the Forum Quorum and Training Coordinator newsletters.  Translation of court forms is the next big project on the horizon, so stay tuned!  For more information about language access resources or interpreters, please contact Carol Mitchell at [email protected] or at 602.452.3965.

All of the materials are available on these web pages for courts to access and print as needed:  AJIN Interpreter Resource Page: http://supreme22/ctserv/CMU/CMU_CourtInterpreter.htm

Supreme Court’s Domestic Violence Law webpage:



Blending Learning: Everyone a Leader

Statewide Webcast Plenary - Friday, Sept. 20, 2013

Opening Plenary - "Everyone a Leader: Courts and Their Leadership Roles"
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Closing Plenary - "Transformative Leadership: Making a Difference"
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Join Education Services Division and Judicial Staff Education Committee for a first ever blended-learning staff conference!

The conference theme - “Everyone a Leader” - mirrors this year’s Judicial Conference theme and reinforces the ability of every Arizona court employee, from clerk to judicial officer, as a leader in upholding the virtue of trust the public has in our judiciary and the rule of law.  This conference uses a blended learning model, broadcasting plenary sessions statewide in the morning and afternoon and encouraging Training Coordinators around the state to conduct in-person breakout sessions locally throughout the rest of the day. It is our hope that this combined effort provides staff with several quality COJET opportunities through this one-day event. 




These files are in PPT format. To print, click the print ICON or click File > Print from the toolbar. To save, click the save ICON or click File > Save from the toolbar menu.

Pre-Test Your System Access

Providing a successful viewing experience for your program participants is dependent on your ability to launch the video interface from the program page. To test your system, click this TEST LINK. If the video launches and you can see and hear a pre-recorded program you will be able to access the live program. If you cannot launch the program please contact your court's Technical Support group for assistance.

During your test, and in preparation for the live program, you may wish to test the video at full screen. To do so position your mouse over the video and right click > select Zoom from the menu. Alternatively you may go full screen using the icon in the lower right corner of the video window.

For conference viewing will need a means of projecting sound and video for your participants.

Please provide a sign in sheet at your location for your participants as you will be required to send ESD the total number of attendees for both the morning and afternoon sessions (separately).

If you have questions regarding the program you may submit them to [email protected]

All Participants Must Complete online Evaluation Forms:

The evaluation forms must be filled out in order to access the COJET certificates for the 2 broadcasts.  The evaluations and COJET certificates will be available beginning Friday, September 20, 2013 immediately following the broadcast and will close Friday, September 27, 2013 at 5:00 P.M.

To access the evaluation forms, go to

and click the Program Evaluation link (not active until 9:00 am on September 20). 

  • When you click this link, the first page of the evaluation will open. Specific instructions on how to complete the survey are provided on this page. 
  • Once you complete the evaluation and click the Submit button your COJET certificate will appear.

Ø  For a link to this page, go to

Ø  If you have any questions regarding the program content, materials, dates and time please contact Renu Sapra at [email protected]

Ø  If you have any questions or difficulties with the registration form, materials or evaluation please contact Alan Sparrow at (602) 452-3013, or Beth Asselin at 452-3011.


Faculty Skills Development Training - Registration Open!


Are you interested in training either in the court setting or in the probation field? The AOC offers Faculty Skills Development (FSD) training for all court personnel.  The next program will be held at the Judicial Education Center from December 2-4.  For more information please contact Michelle Wessels at 602-452-3010 or [email protected].



Excellence in Education Awards - Nominate Now!


The COJET Excellence in Education Award, established by the Committee on Judicial Education and Training, annually recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to providing outstanding education to the judicial branch through training and/or curriculum development.  COJET, in conjunction with the Judicial Staff Education Committee (JSEC), will recognize outstanding trainers at the 2014 Training Coordinator Conference on March 27, 2014.

Any judicial branch employee or committee member can nominate an individual or team demonstrating excellence in the development of curriculum and/or the delivery of training, during the court of a calendar year. Nominations are accepted online. Click HERE to download the flyer.



Upcoming Webinar - We're in This Together: Workplace Etiquette

Do odors or sounds in the office distract you from your work? Is there anything you can do about it? Would you like to learn how to improve your interactions with coworkers?

Join Dawn for her co-authored presentation entitled “We’re In This Together: Workplace Etiquette”.

Workplace etiquette is an essential part of how we coexist in a professional environment. This presentation plans to examine the most common misconceptions and issues in the workplace. In this presentation we will work together to reach solutions in an effort to increase our understanding of etiquette in the professional setting. Video clips, scenarios and group participation will allow the audience to be fully immersed into the conversation. This topic is easily tailored to fit the needs of individual courts and departments.

This webinar is scheduled to be held on October 22, 2013 at 10:00 am. on WebEx. You must register to participate live, but please keep in mind that webinars will be recorded and available on-demand for those who cannot attend, due to our capacity or scheduling conflicts. Attendance is limited to Training Coordinators and Field Trainers. Registration is open now!

To register:
  • Type into your browser
  • Click the “Upcoming” tab
  • Look for “TC WEBINAR SERIES: Work place Etiquette” – October 22
  • Enter registration password: etiquette and click “OK”
  • Once your registration has been approved, you will receive an email from [email protected] with the link to the session (DO NOT DISCARD EMAIL). If the course is full, you will be put on the waiting list.
  • The class handout will be available as a .pdf link on the WebEx login page.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you experience any technical challenges or have questions.



The Supreme Court - DVD Available

The Supreme Court is a four-part documentary series provided by PBS explores the role of the court throughout American history. From its modest beginnings in the earliest days of the republic to the landmark decision in Marbury v. Madison, and from establishment of the "separate but equal" doctrine in Plessy v. Ferguson to its reversal in Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court has been integral to the course of events in America's history. The Supreme Court, featuring exclusive interviews with Chief Justice John Roberts and retired Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, tells the story of this most important of legal and political institutions from its inception to the present day.

To check out the four DVD series, please contact Vikki Cipolla-Murillo at [email protected] or 602.452.3005.




New COJET Video - Emerging Technology - Law and Ethics

Technology is growing at an exponential rate. The advances made over the past century have been eclipsed by the accellerated growth in just the past few years. Genetics, nanotechnology, surveillance, and virtual realms are the future of our world, and the courts have a unique challenge before them as they attempt to define the new legalities these technologies have created.

Join Dr. Gary Marchant as he discusses these new frontiers, examining what they are, what they mean for humanity, and most importantly what they mean for the future of the judiciary.

Click HERE to go to the Video Center page to view this new and exciting overview of Emerging Technologies, Law and Ethics. NOTE (9/5/12): Video is in the process of being added to our streaming server and should be available in a few days.



Recording: TC Webinar Series - Phone Skills: Can You Hear Me Now?


Interested in a new customer service class? If so, join Deb King, Education Services Division, as she reviews effective phone communication skills. This class will give you a chance to identify what phone content to leave in phone messages, practice phone skills for effective verbal communications and practice decision making skills and discuss responses to challenging phone calls. PowerPoint with notes will be provided. Training Coordinators interested in delivering this topic for training can easily tailor this curriculum to fit their needs.

This is a recorded session.  Curriculum and materials for this session are located on the Education Services Division website, Training Coordinator Resource page at http://supreme22/tc/TC_Courses.htm.   For more information, please contact faculty at [email protected].
To access the recording:

Once the session has ended, click the link to the evaluation form, complete it and then print your certificate of attendance.  If you have questions about accessing the recording or the handouts, please email [email protected].



"Teamwork" - Curriculum Available to check out!

“Teamwork” is an engaging training curriculum, hosted by Sharon Boller. It addresses the power of working together and how teamwork enables individuals to do together what they cannot accomplish by themselves.

“Whether you are an experienced trainer or a novice instructor, you will find this workbook a useful resource for developing and facilitating teamwork competency workshops. By understanding the basic concepts about effective teamwork skills, and then reviewing the sample training program designs offered here, you will be able to customize the program designs for your specific audiences.”  -  Sharon Boller

The Education Services Division has purchased the “Teamwork” curriculum for use by Training Coordinators.  A Power Point presentation with key concepts is included with the video package.

This program should be customized to fit your organization’s specific training needs. To check out this curriculum, please contact Vikki Cipolla-Murillo at [email protected] or 602.452.3005.