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 Research, Reports, and Shared Materials
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Florida Laws  
Comments from Judge Cohen    Judge Cohen
In re Marriage of Hansen (Iowa 2007)
Pikula v. Pikula (Minn. 1985)   
Arizona Attorney Magazine (DV Articles-October 2009) Tom Alongi
Nihiser v Comm of Internal Revenue (US Tax Ct 2008) (innocent spouse factors) Tom Alongi
Anagnost article (AZ Attorney March 2005) Tom Alongi
Cesare v Cesare (NJ 1998) Tom Alongi
In re Guardianship of Simpson (Calif App 1998) Tom Alongi
In re Marriage of Hurd  Tom Alongi 
NJSA 2C-25-18 (legislative findings re DV) Tom Alongi 
The role of the father in child development  Dr. Fabricius
Report from the Wingspread Conference on Domestic Violence and Family Courts  
Primary Parent Language- May 15, 2010      Tom Alongi
Primary Parent Language-May 26, 2010  Brooks Gibson
Primary Parent Language-June 23, 2010  Joi Davenport
Primary Parent Language-June 24, 2010  Donalee Sarda
Primary Parent Language-August 4, 2010  Dr. Fabricius
Conviction of false reporting of child abuse language-May 6, 2010  Patricia Madsen
Conviction of false reporting of child abuse language- May 10, 2010  John Weaver

 Date Audience Presenter Material 
10/08/2010  DRC Chairs   Dr. Bill Fabricius Letter to Honorable Linda Gray and Steve Court
10/15/2010 Judicial Officers - "Families in Arizona's Courts 2010" Tom Alongi  Special Circumstances (Version 5) 
10/15/2010     Judicial Officers-"Families in Ariozna's Courts 2010"   Dr. Bill Fabricius  AHCW Webpage
1/29/2011  Arizona AFCC Conference  Tom Alongi, Theresa Barrett, Sid Buckman, Grace Hawkins, Judge Colleen McNally, Kay Radwanski  Special Circumstances, Best Interest, Third Party Rights