Arizona Judicial Branch

Budgeting and Program Development

The Treatment Budgeting and Program Development Unit of JJSD provides and manages funding to the juveniles probation departments related to the following state-appropriated funds:


Juvenile Treatment Services Fund
Diversion Services Fund
Family Counseling Fund
Drug Court Fund


Funding allows county juvenile probation departments to cover operational and staff costs as well as authorize juveniles under their jurisdiction to participate in services designed in accordance with the probation service case plan and conditions of probation.


The Treatment Budgeting and Program Development Unit of JJSD manages funding to the juvenile probation departments through an Interagency Service Agreement (ISA) with the Department of Child Safety (DCS) related to the following:

Federal Title IV-E Fund


Title IV-E funds assist a juvenile probation department in recovering a portion of the out-of-home placement costs and then using those funds within their juvenile probation system.


This unit also collaborates within JJSD on the SPEP Project AZYAS Project, provider contracting and annual performance measures reporting.


If you need additional information please contact the following staff:

Budgeting and Treatment Funding
Steve Tyrrell
Title IV-E Program Management
Cheryl Dorsett
Title IV-E Program Specialist
Gloria Hurtado 602-452-3448 
Administrative Assistant
Nuleidis Fernandez 602-452-3588