Performance Outcome Reports:  The AOC collects annual data from all Contractors on Performance Outcomes to meet mandatory reporting requirements, and to evaluate service providers' progress in reducing criminogenic risk factors through the use of evidence-based practices and approaches to working with juveniles.

All AOC Contractors are required to complete an annual Performance Outcome Report in accordance with AOC Standard Terms & Conditions, Paragraph 61 (f) for Full Procurement agencies; and 49 (f) for Independent Practitioners. Agencies providing Delinquency Prevention Services, Model Programs, and High Impact Programs, must still report separate annual successful outcomes within the context of this report. The applicable forms and instructions can be accessed via the links below. The Performance Outcome Report is due to the AOC at the beginning of each fiscal year.

For further assistance, please contact Jillene Lemke, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 602-452-3169.

Diversity Reporting:  All Contractors are required to report staff and client diversity information to the AOC at the end of each fiscal year (June 30th). Diversity Reporting is specified in the AOC Standard Terms and Conditions, Paragraph 61(e) for Full Procurement agencies and Paragraph 49(e) for Independent Practitioners. The Contractor shall, submit at the beginning of each fiscal year the Diversity Reporting information for only the personnel providing direct care services for clients served under the AOC contract. Submission of the Diversity Reporting Form is required even if the Contractor received no referrals in the fiscal year; in that case, the Diversity would refer to staff only. The applicable form can be accessed via the links below.

For further assistance, please contact the Contract and Monitoring Unit's Administrative Assistant by phone (602) 452-3588.

Annual Personnel List:  In accordance with the AOC Standard Terms and ConditionsParagraph 36(n) for Full Procurement agencies and Paragraph 34(j) for Independent Practitoners, the Contractor shall provide to the AOC on a yearly basis and/or upon request, a list that includes name, title, status, degree, license type and corresponding License #, and affirmation of submission of Personnel Qualifications form for all personnel or non-employees who provide direct client services. The Contractor shall, submit at the beginning of each fiscal year, the Annual Personnel List for only the personnel currently providing direct care services for clients served under the AOC Contract and an updated organizational chart is also required.

The completion of a Key Notification form is required when there is a change in staff (i.e. termination, new employee or change in position). For new employees or staff who change positions a personnel qualification form is required.

The applicable forms can be accessed via the links below.

For further assistance, please contact Trenalisa Lewis via email at [email protected] or by phone at 602-452-3860.

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Performance Outcomes Forms

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Annual Diversity Reporting Form


Annual Personnel Reporting Form
Key Notification Form
Personnel Qualification Forms: PQ Form F1, PQ Form F2, PQ Form F3, PQ Form F4


Diversity Reports

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